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Checkatrade Charity Foundation

The Checkatrade Charity foundation has been set up to support selected aid organisations. We want to make it easy to remember those less fortunate than ourselves – and simple to do something about it.

We have personal connections with all these charities. Some are local to the Checkatrade base. Others were started by, or simply benefited, our staff and members. All of them are doing a great job of taking what whatever we can spare them to impact the lives of those in desperate need – in our own families and overseas.

Please consider donating to their work.

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Crossover gives hope to the disadvantaged of Brighton through food and work programmes, particularly those sleeping rough, inadequately housed or suffering from addiction.

Part of CityCoast Church, they deliver hot meals and provisions each week, host a festive dinner at Christmas, and run Digging for Dignity – a work creation scheme helping the homeless to integrate back into society.

Crossover Coordinator, David Bolton, says: “the ongoing support of Checkatrade allows us to give hope back to the hopeless. Each cup of soup, blanket or box of provisions says someone cares.”

More information in our press release.

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True aim to fulfill the most treasured dreams of terminally and seriously ill children. Arranging everything from swimming with dolphins to specialist equipment that improves their quality of life, the West Sussex based charity has made over 3000 children’s dreams a reality.

More information in the Dreams Come True website.

Exodus Foundation

The Exodus Foundation have a broad mission to support charitable programmes that are helping children overseas.

Their main focus currently is the Mityana Orphanage in Uganda. Nearly all of its 75 children, orphaned by HIV AIDS or civil strife, are provided with food and lodging, schooling and medical care. The Exodus Foundation are currently assisting the build of individual homes for the children, designed to give them better care in a more homely environment.

Checkatrade Charity Foundation’s gift of £1,000 to Exodus prevented a food supply crisis in 2008. Paul Price, co-founder of the Exodus Foundation with his wife, Kathie, says: ‘every single donation contributes to a massive difference in the lives of these children and we promise to put every penny donated to very hard work.”

More information in our press release and the Exodus Foundation website.

Global Compassion

Global Compassion is a small but ambitious humanitarian aid, disaster relief and development organisation. With projects in the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Nepal and Pakistan, their focus is on the most needy and vulnerable, particularly families, widows and orphans.

They bring rapid relief to those caught up disasters and poverty, as well as providing long-term solutions to deprivation by promoting self-sustaining enterprises that will bring measurable change.

Kevin Byrne, the founder and Managing Director of Checkatrade, played an instrumental part in helping this charity start over 10 years ago.

More information in the Global Compassion website.

Tantara’s Wish

Tantara’s Wish support research and promote awareness for the rare genetic syndrome VHL (Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome). This little-known condition causes the growth of tumours throughout the body.

Since 2002 this tiny charity have managed to give over £20,000 to the University of Birmingham’s Genetics Department for research into the syndrome. They help families with VHL by providing mutual support and information.

The charity is named after the youngest daughter of Checkatrade member Allen Stillwell. Allen and three of his daughters have been diagnosed with VHL.

More information in the Tantara's Wish website.