Checkatrade is a business built on word of mouth. The best person to give a recommendation is the customer — so see for yourself what our members say about Checkatrade.

    We've been members for 6 years now since 2008, we joined because the brand awareness in our area was increasing and we felt we were missing out on something, over the last 6 years the return has been 50 times what we pay in and it’s been an amazing improvement to how we run the business.

    - Anthony Hicks, Hicks GB Ltd | 28 November 2014

    A big thank yout for helping move my BUSINESS DW JIONERY SERVICES onward and upward. In fact over 80% increase since I've joined !!!!! And I truly believe CHECKATRADE you Kevin Byrne have my back ONCE AGAIN A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU AND ALL YOUR TEAM

    - Derek and Lee, D W Joinery Services | 23 November 2014

    I have been with Checkatrade since 2008 and can have up to 3 calls some days. Some people say it's not working for them. You have to put in your work too by getting your customers to fill in the feedback. It is not a quick fix to get work - it takes time and lots of feedback. IT WORKS!

    - Stephen Chaplin, SVH Building Services | 2 October 2014

    We decided to grow our company. We had been in business for 13 years and had never, ever advertised. We joined Checkatrade in July this year as an experiment.... the results: it's now September and we have grown from 2 employees to 6 and are flat out. We have got a national contract with two major high street retailers and are in the middle of rewiring 40 rooms in a hotel. This is all down to Checkatrade; so coupled with our portfolio of existing customers, our business is growing faster them we ever thought possible.

    - Craig Wiltshire, DC Electrical (Swansea) Ltd. | 11 September 2014

    I've been a member since April 2009, joining after the downturn in the economy seriously affected my business and Checkatrade was recommended by my suppliers. Within a week I landed a £2500 contract and I have never run out of work since. It's now mid August 2014 and I'm booked solid to mid January 2015! I don't use paid advertising with anyone else. All my work is word of mouth, repeat business and mostly Checkatrade. Checkatrade: the best advertising I have ever done!

    - Chris Lynn, Lynn's Painting & Decorating | 14 August 2014

    Checkatrade really helped me in getting more business. I have been dealing with these marketing companies for quite a while now, even tried a few of the big names, but still no hope. I looked up the Checkatrade page on Facebook and visited the website and after a bit of research, got registered. I consider this as one of the best decisions I have made. We feel more comfortable talking to our customers now and of course our customers feel the same. Many thanks.

    - Syed Ali, Removals Expert Ltd | 21 July 2014

    Checkatrade is the best thing we ever did.

    I would like to say thank you to Checkatrade. I joined in November 2013. I got off to a slow start but as time has gone by I'm receiving calls on a regular basis. My customer base is growing at a rapid rate and I'm looking forward to the future as a member of Checkatrade.

    - Mark Thomas, Mark Thomas Painting & Decorating | 21 May 2014

    Just to say that really pleased with way things are going since I become member of checkatrade. I have joined numerous organisations since I set up my business and I can honestly say that without a doubt Checkatrade has by far been the one that has impressed me the most. My phone seems to be ringing daily with job enquiries both on the decorating side and plastering side of things.

    - Mr Robert Behr, R & B Decorators | 9 May 2014

    Paul Hesketh Plastering will be filming with BBC One on Monday for a home makeover programme, Your house in their hands. They found us on and approached us to see if we would be interested!

    - Lisa Hesketh, Paul Hesketh Plastering | 9 May 2014