Checkatrade is a business built on word of mouth. The best person to give a recommendation is the customer — so see for yourself what our members say about Checkatrade.

    Being a new member to Checkatrade has opened a lot of doors for me being a new business, I've had some amazing support from Chloe Stevens, making sure I'm maximising my business with their features such as: job descriptions and marketing. Being with Checkatrade has literally given me a new lease of life, at first I was worried about going self employed but they reassured me that I was making a sound investment with them and I'm happy to say its paid off! Right from the first day I'm getting around 10 queries a day for our cleaning services, so jobs are not in short supply!! I cant thank them enough and I look forward to working with them for a long time to come and maximising my income and ensuring lots of happy customers! Thanks Check A Trade

    - Jason, Mops And Buckets | 5 May 2015

    The customer service I receive from Checkatrade, in ALL departments I deal with, is the best Customer Service I have EVER received.

    - John Hilden, Heritage Roofing & Renovation Ltd | 20 March 2015

    Since joining Checkatrade in August 2014 it has changed the face of our business, we have a regular influx of clients, the business has expanded with new vehicles and employees. We have never been busier and are so grateful.

    - Jamie Langton, Envy Landscapes And Lawncare | 11 February 2015

    I was a bit sceptical at first due to the cost, but since joining Checkatrade I have been in undated with enquires, emails and work, I am now booked up until march, I am very happy!

    - Ian Evans, Ian Evans Painter/Decorator | 10 February 2015

    I wasn't too sure in joining Checkatrade at the start, I had an appointment with a membership consultant who was really informative and in now way pushy,he explained what it was that Checkatrade did and since joining I have been getting a lot of work, mainly the bigger jobs rather than the smaller ones.

    - Lee Hemnell, LH Locksmith Ltd | 10 February 2015

    At the start I liked the concept of Checkatrade so I enquired about it and joined up. Checkatrade works for us and we get enquiries on a daily basis.

    - Gavin Stirrup, Central Roofers Ltd | 30 January 2015

    Since joining Checkatrade I have stopped advertising with everyone else. It works out cheaper going to Checkatrade and my phone does not stop ringing from consumers wanting work. 90% of my work comes from Checkatrade.

    - Les Smith, Les Smith Plastering | 29 January 2015

    I was a little unsure at the beginning of joining Checkatrade but now that I have it is the best bit of advertising iv'e done. I am getting new enquiries everyday with most turning into work. Being a member of Checkatrade, 90% of my work comes from being a member.

    - Stephan Ward, SG Ward Mobile Mechanic | 29 January 2015

    I was recommended by other members to join Checkatrade and upon joining Checkatrade is the best thing I've done for my business, we get plenty of work and i would definitely recommend for traders to join.

    - Tommy Rickford, Rickfords Property Maintenance Limited | 29 January 2015

    Checkatrade has been amazing for my business. I got my membership fee back in the first couple of weeks. It has generated loads of work for me and I have generated some really big jobs. It has transformed my company. I recommend Checkatrade all the time to other traders now.

    - Jonathan Findeis, First Class Flooring Surrey Ltd | 27 January 2015