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Charlotte Church escapes carbon monoxide poisoning

By Laura Nineham, on 9 February 2011

Charlotte Church and her two children almost died after a faulty boiler leaked gas into her new home.

After suffering from headaches for a few weeks, she didn't realise she was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning until her grandfather suggested she fit a carbon monoxide detector.

"Charl was terrified when she found out what had been happening and she said she feels lucky to be alive," a source told Closer magazine. "She had been complaining of headaches for weeks but had no idea why."

They said she "had no idea that the boiler was playing up," and that when she called in the plumbers, they told her that her granddad saved her life.

"She is probably lucky that the house is so big and airy and the boiler is a long way from the living areas," the source added. "But she knows she's had a lucky escape."

According to The Daily Mail, carbon monoxide kills 50 people every year.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advised that homeowners can take preventative measures to protect against carbon monoxide exposure, by ensuring any work carried out on a gas appliance is done by a Gas Safe-Registered engineer.

Additionally, they should ensure appliances are serviced and maintained by a competent person, and install audible carbon monoxide alarms as a back-up precaution.

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