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North Wales residents alerted over spike in rogue trading

By Ashley Curtis, on 21 June 2011

A rise in the number of complaints about rogue traders has sparked a neighbourhood watch scheme to speak out, reports Leader Live.

False roofing work has been the main focus of complaints as residents in the Chirk area of North Wales are getting scammed out of thousands of pounds. Express and Star have noted that conmen are exploiting hard-pressed consumers in a tough economic time, which ties in line with reports of increased rogue trading in the North Wales area.

The homes of the elderly and vulnerable are being targeting by the rogue roofmen, with £25 roof fixes turning into thousand-pound jobs at the expense of the homeowner.

However, the homeowner should not feel pressured into getting the work done. Many instances of cold-calling and rogue trading end badly as the homeowner gets worried they cannot cancel the contract and have to pay for the full amount, and therefore go ahead with the work.

A neighbourhood watch scheme in conjunction with the police, the North Wales OWL scheme, has issued advice to all those worried about rogue traders, stating that only recommended tradesmen should be trusted with work on a property.

The North Wales OWL scheme explains how the rogue traders operate: "The trader cold calls at the property, usually of elderly people, and advises that there are a few loose tiles on the roof, which can be replaced for £25.

"After going onto the roof, the trader then advises that further remedial work needs to be done on the property urgently to prevent any further damage to the roof. This often ends up in the price escalating into thousands of pounds."

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