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Three million pensioners living in fuel poverty

By Laura Nineham, on 29 December 2010

A recent survey from Age UK has revealed that thousands of elderly people are resorting to extreme measures to keep warm in their homes, because they cannot afford their heating bills.

Of the 1,300 people aged over 60 who were questioned, almost a third admitted to wearing a coat or scarf indoors in a bid to stay warm. A worrying 14 per cent chose to live in one room to stay warm, which equates to 1.5 million over-60s in the UK.

Even more concerning is the nine per cent of people who said they couldn't get warm at home last year and the four per cent who chose to stay in bed all day to warm up.

According to BBC News, Age UK is concerned that three million people remain in fuel poverty, spending over a tenth of their income on energy bills.

However, the government estimates that as many as 1.7 million pensioners don't claim Pension Credit despite being entitled to it, which means they could be missing out on the £25 cold weather payments paid when it gets very cold in Britain.

Pensioners worrying about energy bills would be wise to hire trusted tradesmen who can carry out simple and quick changes to their property to make it more energy efficient, driving down the cost of heating their home.

Age UK advises that pensioners should claim all benefits they're entitled to, eat well, get energy efficient and shop around for the best energy tariff.

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