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New Life for your old Kitchen

The West Wilts Magazine 1st September 2011


Its not just changing the door and drawer fronts that Dream Doors offer...they can bring new life and purpose to your existing kitchen units.


Have you ever thought how much more usable your kitchen units would be if they wern't simply cupboards with shelves, but could change into deep drawer units?  Imagine opening up that drawer and being able to see the whole content without bending down or sitting on the floor rummaging about in the back of the shelf.  Imagine having a full height larder that pulls out.

Ivor McKeown operates this family run business, with the help of national back up service and the benefit of Checkatrade membership.  Checkatrade vet businesses and also monitor their workmanship on an ongoing basis so customers can be assured of the best possible standards and service.  See   To date, with feedback of 35 customers, they were given an average score on Checkatrade of 9.7 out of 10 which is pretty impressive. 



Checkatrade helps combat the UK's rogue trader problem by continuously vetting and monitoring local traders such as builders, plumbers and electricians. The idea was born in 1998 after a tornado hit the small West Sussex town of Selsey. Traders poured in from as far away as Liverpool and Manchester. Unfortunately, some ripped off the inhabitants of the town. Local businessman, Kevin Byrne, realised there was nowhere to check out the traders’ credentials and the company that became Checkatrade was formed.

Since then, Checkatrade has grown to include over 6,300 genuine trade members, growing by an average 120 new members every month, and, via the Royal Mail, distributes 5.9 million directories a year into communities throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset and Berkshire, while the website includes traders from across the UK.


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