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Checkatrade is a business built on word of mouth. The best person to give a recommendation is the customer - so see for yourself what our members say about Checkatrade.

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All of the comments below are unprompted and come to us in letters and emails from our members. We link back to the company's details so you can check for yourself that their comments are genuine.

"Just thought I would mention that we have just moved to larger premises following successful expansion of the business, this is in no small part down to Checkatrade which generates most of our new business leads (in addition to our repeat business and recommendations.) We also won Suffolk Property Maintenance Company of the Year award for 2013, again our Checkatrade feedback was instrumental with the judges in choosing us.
"The amount of work I’ve had from CheckaTrade is astonishing."
"Solely the best thing I have ever done was join Checkatrade. I recommend to all other traders I come into contact with and can honestly say I have never been busier!"
"Checkatrade has made a massive impact on my business and its overall productivity. By working the way I have always done, the partnership formed in Feb 2014 has allowed me to show proof to my customers, by customer testimonial, the all-round quality of the services I provide, but with the added advantages of customer trust before I even arrive at the customer. All this made possible by the power of partnership with Checkatrade, I strongly believe that joining was the right way to elevate my business to a new level of customer service. I now look forward to a new and innovated future partnership with Checkatrade. "
"I wanted to write and tell you how impressed we have been with Checkatrade. The website is fantastic, everything has been thought of and the staff that we have come in contact with have been very helpful and professional.
[Our Advisor] has assisted us greatly and is a credit to your company. Nothing has been too much trouble, she always rings me when she says she will, answers or acts on my e mails almost immediately and all done with a really pleasant helpful friendly manor. Nothing is too much trouble.
Thank you all very much.
"I have been on Checkatrade for about 8 weeks and I am delighted with the calls I am getting directly from being on Checkatrade. At the moment I don't have any advertising whatsoever so all the direct phone calls I am receiving are from your website. And in a months time I will be in your pamphlet that goes to 50,000 homes in my area, I am sure my work will increase more. I am getting almost 1 call a day and because they are local my diesel costs have gone down and I am getting about 80% of the jobs I price so this is very cost effective. I will be placing advertising in my local free papers and magazines and my ad will include your logo, I am certain this will also increase my work as a friend of mine in the same business does this and he was the one that told me to join you. You have also been very helpful and its nice to have a direct contact to discuss matters. I sub-contract for a few companies and sooner than I thought I will enough of my own work to stop working for them. Also as I have only been on Checkatrade a short while and as you know I mainly get a score of 10 I am sure that when my customers tell their family, friends and neighbours my work will increase."
"Checkatrade works better the more you give... More feedback, more enquiries, simple. Since joining I have seen my enquiries rise, and literally every lead converted. Checkatrade has aided this hands down. Fact. "
"Open review of Checkatrade:
I have been in the trade now for almost 17 years and like most people in the trade have seen many changes in advertising and have probably used everything out there Yellow Pages to Thomson local etc.
However like it or not most people will now use the internet to search for a trade or service.
Last year we heard about these Trade sites and decided to do a quite bit of research before inquiring to join Yes there are good and bad reports, some ask you to buy leads, some have pushy salesmen and some I have never heard of.
Checkatrade stood out simply for one reason they were not pushy and I didn't have to buy leads. They sent us a few people to contact however as the world biggest skeptic i decided to phone a selection of trade’s people from their website independently and to be honest everyone I spoke to gave me a positive review of their experience.
I fully understand that some people may have had a bad experience with a few trades on Checkatrade however I think no matter where you look you will always get the odd one or two rogues even on the Gas Safe Register
If you think you can join Checkatrade and use at a means of “ripping customers off” you won’t last long as Checkatrade encourage members as well as customers to report members for doing bad work in whistle blower area.
We have built our business on recommendations we have nothing to hide so why not let an independent company publish our customers comments. (Nothing to hide)
We were also visited and copies of insurance, qualifications, registrations were all checked before they even put us on their site no matter how long it takes to verify you they also speak around 7-10 previous customers for references before even going live
As for the feedback I can honestly confirm we have no control over what customers say good or bad.
For us it works and has paid for its self in the 1st month and has brought in a great return on the initial investment and we get a regular stream of enquirers.
Yes it seemed expensive at the time but again they assisted us with allowing us to pay it in installments (however we have more than covered our memberships in just 4 weeks).
It may not be for everyone, again just like me it may take several months for you to take the plunge but if you would ask me would I recommend it then yes I would. Like I said at the start I have used every method of advertising and can honestly say nothing has worked as well as checkatrade (should have done it years ago but don’t like change)
Will I be renewing next year? honest answer Yes
Please also feel free to contact us
Wishing you all the best
P.S I don’t work for Checkatrade "
"I would like to say thank you to Checkatrade - we have had so many phone calls due to Checkatrade that we covered the yearly cost in the first few months!"
"A big thank you to everyone at Checkatrade for the fantastic service you have provided since I have joined. I couldn't fault it! Please pass my best wishes over to Kevin who is doing a fantastic job with Checkatrade. A service that truly delivers what's written on the box!"
"Anyone sceptical about joining - what can I say? Since going 'live', in less than a week, we have received 2 jobs. Very impressed on the speed people have started calling. Thanks to the team at Checkatrade!"
"I have been a Checkatrade member for two years and it ranks among my better business decisions. I am getting a steady flow of leads and I am pleased with how it’s working out."
"I have been a Checkatrade member for about 2 years and I think I have had my money back about 20 times over."
"Just thought I would email, our company (Sunrise Plumbing & Heating Contractors) joined Checkatrade early December 2013.
I was skeptical however since joining we have quoted for 3 jobs and won 3 jobs with a 4th job now been accepted and although we don’t ask the customer was adamant he wanted us and wanted to pay a deposit.
This has been a great start for us and what’s more the work already undertaken has now covered the membership fees for the whole 12 months.
I don’t know how you guys do it but you must be doing something right and I can honestly say joining Checkatrade has been one of our best decisions of 2013 and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings."
"It works for me and I get lots of work from Checkatrade. I am a tiler, if you want to look at my checkatrade page you'll see I always make sure I ad pictures along side every feedback given to make the most of the web space given by checkatrade. I can't comment how it works for other trades as not all can show photos of there work like I can, but just having lots of positive feedback for your potential customers to view is going to give them confidence in choosing you rather than not knowing anything about you or your company."
"Checkatrade is most definitely, the best move I have ever made with my Aerial Business, within in two weeks of joining I had paid for my years membership, I have met other Checkatrade Tradesmen, who have said the same as myself and we have all said that we will remain with them for the following years.
Checkatrade keep up your good work, not just for us Tradesmen but for the General Public as well.
"I have found during the entire process of becoming a checkatrade member that the staff could not have been more helpful.
I am extremely grateful for the company profile written on my behalf as I didn't find the time to do it myself- and the guidance provided on using the website has been great. Every staff member I have dealt with couldn't have done any more for me or been more helpful - thank you.
"Well done Checkatrade, I have to say that during my ten months with Checkatrade I have seen a significant rise in my business. I receive many jobs through the site both domestic and commercial, plus of all the companies I have dealt with, clients, suppliers, sub contractors included Checkatrade has been the most successful, friendly, open and reliable company of all.
Keep it up!
"Checkatrade works really well for Hennessey Home Improvements - I hope we are a thriving partnership for a long time. "
"As an ex Customer Service Manager.....(I have to say)...
Better than ALL the competition- keep up the good work !
"I would like to thank you for creating checkatrade.
30% of work I receive from domestic customers come though checkatrade. So thanks. "
"Pretty much from the moment we joined and our details were live, we started to receive a steady stream of phone calls and enquiries which has lead to us obtaining some larger commercial customers and plenty of residential customers. We would have no hesitation in recommending Checkatrade to any tradesman and will be renewing our membership next year without hesitation."
"I was introduced to about 3 years ago by a customer of mine who mentioned the site when I asked them for a hand written testimonial. Initially I joined Checkatrade purely because I thought it was a great facility providing genuine unbiased feedback on tradesman services. I recognised the strength of this as my new customers often jokingly asked me the question (referring to my written testimonials) "how long did it take you to write those out then?" and although it was tongue in cheek, I felt some customers thought "well anyone could have written those". So for me Checkatrade was a brilliant solution to this potential obstacle. What I have found since then, is not only do my customers trust the site, but so do hundreds of new customers finding me and other reputable trades-people each year through the site; many of which have expressed they use it for all their tradesman needs. As such it has had a phenomenal impact to the growth of my new business. Checkatrade have proven outstanding in everything they do from the initial interview they had with me right through to setting up my profile and the on-going support I have received over the last 3 years. I would therefore without hesitation highly recommend any reputable company that takes pride in the services they provide to join and without delay. Thanks Checkatrade, you're awesome. "
"I joined two months ago and I am very pleased and proud to promote Checkatrade to all my friends and customers.
Big thank you to you all."
"I think you’re doing a sterling job and Checkatrade is the best thing I’ve done for years. Thanks and keep up the good work!"
"As soon as I had my Profile page on your website, calls started to come in.... customers said they had read reports and comments, liked them and chose our company. On 2nd August I had my van sign written with Checkatrade logos, my company logos, telephone, email etc., by yourselves, FREE, which I am very grateful for by the way, thank you! The van signage is very high quality and gives our company a very professional, accredited and reputable look. I am very pleased with it!
Since then, calls have increased and customers have said they have seen my van around the town, liked the Checkatrade reputation through the TV advertising etc, looked me up and booked our services and been happy customers, as you have probably noticed on my feedback forum. This week alone we have booked three jobs already via website! I would recommend your company to any reputable tradesman looking to increase creditability and workload and I appreciate your back up, professional advice and cheerful help.
"Well what can I say?! You guys are on the ball, and you personally have been very helpful and professional with my feedback and updates. Since joining Checkatrade, even after this short amount of time, there's been a noticeable upturn in business, especially with all the marketing material you guys hand-out and make available. So if A+ is the top mark, you get it. And thanks again for all your help. "
"Personally I have had over £4,814.40 (Including Vat) of much needed business generated through using Checkatrade alone within the last year since they used Television media to promote 1. the Checkatrade brand and 2. myself and the vast membership of Trades using the Web pages and membership. I closely monitor where every job & where it is generated from, by asking the client on the phone and secondly getting my engineers to verify the lead, since the advertising has started on the Television I have found that this has improved from a few jobs a year to a small much needed extra income. I think that the way that Checkatrade works is down to the individual member and how they use the facilities like the photo gallery & accreditations section, the feedback is invaluable for perusing prospective clients, what with the map showing where the work is geographically placed, I have found you give the customers something to look at with photos etc then customers will call. Also if you get your accreditations added on by Checkatrade (verification of authenticity) and keep them up to date it all helps. On a different note my website is even linked to our page on Checkatrade, so they can check us out and also to help other trades gain possible new business."
"We started with Checkatrade nearly two years ago, we chose them as they were the original website for proving you're not a cowboy. In the first few months of gaining feedback it was exciting to see what your customer thought of our company and our standard of work. Now being a member for nearly two years its going from strength to strength as we are receiving lots of calls to quote for. We don't bother to advertise elsewhere as you get your own Checkatrade page which sells our service even before we meet the customers. Overall the best investment for my company."
"[Checkatrade] works great for me. I've been a member for just over a year and have had over sixty jobs out of it, some small some big but hey its all work and it pays to be in the directory as a load of elderly people are not online and the directory gives them peace of mind."
"I must say joining CAT was the best thing i have ever done. The calls/emails coming in daily just shows me how well the brand is known now by the public and I look forward to many more years of membership."
"We joined Checkatrade a few months ago and have received a constant trickle of leads as a result - not dozens but our sales conversion has been 90%!! Every lead generated from Checkatrade is worth 10 of the ones we buy from elsewhere, even the customers are nicer people. Isn't it great to find something that actually works well for everyone for a change."
"We have been with Checkatrade for over three years, it is the best. We do not advertise anywhere else, we do not have our own website and we have more than enough enquiries from here (and Which Local) that we stopped using Rated People 3 years ago and haven't looked back.
"I have been a Checkatrade member for two years and it ranks among my better business decisions. I am getting a steady flow of leads and I am pleased with how its working out. Some customers LOVE Checkatrade - I doubt that the same could be said about Rated People or Trustatrader.

"I started my company two years ago and joined Checkatrade in November 2012. Since joining Checkatrade I have gone from strength to strength. I had doubts before I joined but it really has been the best business move I have ever made! Being young I struggled to get potential costumers to trust in me and my workmanship, Checkatrade proves to people I have the skills and knowledge. I look forward to many years of partnership.
Big THANK YOU to all the staff at Checkatrade!"
"I would recommend that any tradesperson use Checkatrade. It is an excellent sales tool as customers can easily see your feedback and also generates a number of enquiries. Customer service is always excellent. Using a Checkatrade member... certainly helps the public to make a more informed decision.
"I completed a project last year in Chandlers Ford and this morning a neighbour contacted me to discuss their planned project. The strange thing was when I mentioned to her this morning that I am now a member of Checkatrade, she replied "I know, I 'Googled' your company name because I'd lost your number and Google took me through to"
What a great link."
"With the country in recession things were difficult for me last year but has turned things around completely. The extra business generated through its website is generating a healthy profit and my company is flourishing. Indeed, I am going to have to take on more staff to cope with the workload"
"Woodley Decor know that recommendations are very important to the continued success of our business and we are heartened to see additional business referred via our existing Checkatrade clientele."
Dawn Hill, Woodley Decor, 14 February 2013
"Since registering with we have had over 30 jobs come through, equating to thousands of pounds worth of extra business. We will retain our membership upon renewal."
"Being a member of Checkatrade underpins our excellent reputation and instils trust among potential customers. Checkatrade verifies a large proportion of feedback reviews so people know we are genuine, reputable and reliable."
"Checkatrade is great for us; we get nearly all our work from Checkatrade and have made our £500 back ten-fold. Really happy with everything and we are flat out….even this time of year. We have even had to take on an extra pair of hands since joining."
"A great service. Always on the ball, really helpful and one step ahead."
"Since joining Checkatrade I have been absolutely inundated with work. Considering this is normally a quiet time of year for me I have been working a 6/7 day week for the past 2 months. Personally, it has been the best £700 I have ever spent. It has paid for itself several times over already and I come home every night to at least one but normally 2 or 3 further enquiries. I am getting excellent feedbacks so I think the Checkatrade website is working wonders. Please say a big thankyou to Lara who came out and explained everything so well. I was a bit sceptical at first dealing with a woman in a mainly male dominated environment but she was brilliant. Anyway, loads of praise to you all and a big thankyou for helping me out of the tough times I would have been facing had I not joined. I do recommend you to all my colleagues and hopefully they will benefit from you as much as I have."
"I feel that joining Checkatrade was a really good move for us and with the recent ads you have been running you have certainly made householders and businesses etc more aware of your presence which generates us more work. We are in difficult times but people are still willing to spend a little more and get a genuine tradesman than take the risk and get a cowboy. When quoting for work if we mention Checkatrade you can normally bet that we will win the contract. Checkatrade is a very powerful tool. It is disappointing to see others trying to get on the bandwagon but we get that in Pest Control and eventually they will disappear hopefully not to return. So thanks Checkatrade for all your professionalism and for a very well run business and means of advertising."
"Since advertising on Cowboy Builders we have noticed an increase in customers looking at our details on your website. We would like to thank you for your approach to promoting Checkatrade and its members.
Keep up the good work.
"Thanks to Checkatrade and going into the directory, work is piling up and I have had to buy a bigger van. I have gone from a little Renault Kangoo to a Vauxhall Vivara which I will be
collecting on Friday so I will need some new van stickers which I will order from my webpage. Again, many thanks to Checkatrade."
Mac McCaffrey, MJM Homefix, 18 September 2012
"50% of all my enquiries through Checkatrade are commercial and I have potentially just won a commercial contract for £28,000 thanks to Checkatrade. My enquiries have gone from 1 a month to 3 a week and I am very happy."
"Checkatrade is fantastic, I am really happy and have work booked till early next year. I would say that 80% of my calls are from Checkatrade and the other 20% are recommendations from customers who used me originally via Checkatrade!! It really is the best thing that I have ever done."
John, JNJ Solutions, 4 September 2012
"You have another happy customer and I will be renewing next year! Many thanks, keep up the good work."
"I joined Checkatrade in March 2012 and within two weeks had made my money back. It has completely turned my business around - and thats the truth!"
"...very happy with Checkatrade. We have more work than we have ever had and are booked out until October. It is our only form of advertising and the best thing we have ever done."
"I just want to say a big thank you to you guys, you have turned my business around. The customers are all quality and will keep trying to live up to your standards. "
"We have been members since 2008 and have found this to be a very successful source of reaching our customers.
However, you can’t sit back on your laurels and expect the leads to come flooding in – it’s a two way partnership. We encourage all our customers to send in their feedback cards and are scrupulous about sending them out after every job. We even send a covering letter with them explaining why we think its important they are returned. This letter also stresses that their details are not passed to a third party, as we found this to be the main reason many cards were not being returned. I must admit the first year was a bit slow but as the feedback started to grow, so did the leads and we now have a great presence on Checkatrade which in turn has worked wonders for our business. I thoroughly recommend Checkatrade to all conscientious companies. "
"All our Dream Door customers at Yarm, are encouraged to view this site to help them make a decision about choosing Dream Doors as their kitchen supplier. I believe check a trade help customers in these testing times when there are so many rogue builders and traders out there. Checkatrade instils public confidence and because the reviews are totally independent (Dream doors have no influence about what customers say) the reviews help customers to feel safe about choosing Dream Doors. A new kitchen or kitchen makeover is a big decision for customers and they need to know they have picked the right company to do this, that’s why Dream doors fully supports "
"We have just renewed our membership for the second year. We have tried a few different companies, none of which have been as helpful and professional as the staff at Checkatrade. The website is a great help to our business and improvements are made continually"
"I joined Checkatrade to expand my business and am now training up an apprentice that I hope to have fully trained out on on the road on his own soon to keep up with the volume of work as a result of joing Checkatrade. I can't get over the number of people 'knocking on the door'. I'm working 7 days a week and have had to start hiding my phone to get 5 minutes to myself as I am getting on average 14 or more enquiries a week! I started taking bookings in February and within 3 weeks was booked up until August. Checkatrade has been excellent and I'm glad to be involved."
"Best money we have ever spent, our enquiries have tripled since joining Checkatrade. We are just really, really impressed and every time you call CAT they are always really helpful."
"Joing Checkatrade is the best move I have made. Phone rings constantly and I have plenty of work - 100% happy and thanks us for all your hard work. Checkatrade are fantastic!"
"As a company that thrives on feedback, I just thought I'd let you know that my phones are certainly ringing and the business is rolling in. I only advertise through yourselves so know that all business is generated through Checkatrade (unless it's repeat or word of mouth). I've certainly noticed an increase since the change in the search engine and look forward to many more calls when the advertising kicks in!
You'd certainly get a 10 all round on my feedback. Keep up the good work!"
"We joined Checkatrade in 2008 with just 4 Engineers on Hagley & Warman Electrical. We have since expanded to 20 Engineers with the help from Checkatrade. Our clients defiantly use Checkatrade and are always happy with the tradesmen that carry the work out. I always recommend Checkatrade to our clients as they can’t go wrong,"
"With the country in recession things were difficult for me last year but has turned things around completely. The extra business generated through its website is generating a healthy profit and my company is flourishing. Indeed, I am going to have to take on more staff to cope with the workload."
"From the initial first point of contacting Checkatrade they were pleasant to deal with and more importantly not pushy! We mutually arranged a time and day for a representative to meet with myself and the other directors... [and] after an easy going, very informative, short and sweet meeting, myself and the other 2 directors decided we would go ahead. From there we have not looked back and it has been a brilliant source of work for domestic and trade and also helps get rid of the rogue trader
cowboys that are in every trade! I shall be renewing every year if this level of service continues.
Thank you for all your help past and present!"
Ryan Woods, PipeView LLP, 9 December 2011
"Since joining Checkatrade I am amazed at how quickly the phone started ringing. I have already completed 3 projects and have 2 more starting in the New Year. Clients love the reassurance & peace of mind that using someone registered with Checkatrade gives them. They know that they will be able to give feedback on all of my work. So, if you are as conscientious as I am, and want to gain more work I would strongly recommend joining Checkatrade. It’s worked for me."
"I'm not particularly good at self promotion which is why Checkatrade membership has been really good for me - it gives me a professional frontage. The member's area is user friendly, making it easy for me to upload photos and to make changes to my profile page. The TV adverts are also good - something I wouldn't be able to do by myself."
"We joined Checkatrade in August 2009. Our turnover went up by £150,000 in 2010 and this year we have already turned over in excess of £230,000 that can directly be attributed to Checkatrade.
I also refer other new customers to the Checkatrade website as it completely verifies me and my business with independent reviews. I would highly recommend other trades to join Checkatrade as an effective tool to expand their business."
"The service and brand is fantastic and brings loads of business!!!"
"Checkatrade has been brilliant. It works so well that I have not renewed my Yellow Pages or Thompson Local adverts."
"I think the services you provide are excellent. We are a company registered with you and we have used the services of other trades that you list."
"Checkatrade has definitely worked for me and I have been inundated with work and am booked up until July."
"I am well impressed with Checkatrade and it is the best thing I have ever done! Anyone who says it doesn't work for them are not using the system correctly! I receive 65-70% of my work through Checkatrade and I am booked for the next 6-8 weeks in advance thanks to Checkatrade!"
"Whenever will feel it appropriate we enjoy letting other local tradespeople and businesses know just how brilliant Checkatrade is not just in terms of generating more work, but in enhancing one's business reputation. We look forward to renewing our membership with you this month and developing our business with your help."
"I am very happy with all the services you are offering. I've been a member now for almost a year and since I started getting more feedback and some images on my site I have been getting more calls. The source of my work has always been through recommendation and moving into a new age where more business is done online, now means I'm not being left behind. All my work is leaving customers feeling very happy and passing my number on to more people which in turn benefits you also, as a good tradesman gives a good light to the site that people also get my details from.
The reason I first joined was because I wanted more work in London as no one knew me there so a business colleague said about Checkatrade. That was a good move. "
"We monitor our marketing and advertising very carefully and to date Checkatrade has given us the most customers with the lowest acquisition costs, so much so that we have pulled out of some well known directories and invested more advertising with Checkatrade."
"I started my business in August 2010 and joined Checkatrade to advertise. I just want to express how happy I am with the service and with the amount of work that it has generated. 90% of my jobs have come from Checkatrade and the other 10% are referrals from original Checkatrade jobs. My business is now expanding, which I believe has been helped by advertising my work on Checkatrade. It really is an amazing way to show off my workmanship with photos and comments from all of my customers. Thank you very much!"
"Checkatrade is brilliant. I recently came out of Yellow Pages as I get 80% of my work through Checkatrade."
"We would like to say thank you for all the help Checkatrade has given us over the last year. We always get remarks from customers about how confident they feel when using a Checkatrade company!"
"I really am grateful to you guys, I am never quiet. Always booked up well in to the future. Long may it continue!"
"To all the staff at Checkatrade I would just like to say thankyou. Joining Checkatrade was the best business move I have ever made. If anybody out there has any doubts, don't! Remember you always have to speculate to accumulate and accumulate you do. My phone hasn't stopped ringing since joining. Of course you can't win them all but it's a great feeling to know you are too busy and point them back in the direction from whence they came! i.e. the Checkatrade web site."
"Checkatrade is without doubt the most valuable tool in our box and is our platform to stand above others – we value it and are very, very proud of it. We check our feedback and monitor our page as much if not more, than our bank account. Checkatrade stands alone in what it does and offers."
"A big thank you to everyone at Checkatrade for the fantastic service you have provided since I have joined. I couldn't fault it! Please pass my best wishes over to Kevin who is doing a fantastic job with Checkatrade. A service that truly delivers what's written on the box!"
"Checkatrade has been great for me; I regularly get 8 enquiries a week and recently have been getting up to 20 enquiries a week!
I’ve tried many forms of advertising/partnerships over the years, but this actually works."
"I've been with Checkatrade for almost a year and it's been a great way to advertise my business. When I joined at first, I didn’t believe it was going to work but my mate who’s on Checkatrade too convinced me to give it a go, and so I did. It’s been great; lots of calls and amazingly when I get to people’s houses to do a job they welcome me like they already know me - I guess it s all down to Checkatrade comments.
Thanks guys God bless you
"We use Checkatrade as a tool with existing and new leads to help secure the sale. Being able to read our profile and see previous customer comments on our work is invaluable. "
"As a company, Dream Doors has been a member of Checkatrade almost since inception, and it has been one of the leading players in making our company as successful as it is. With the partnership of Checkatrade and Dream Doors working together we have gone from strength to strength, and because of Checkatrade our customers have the reassurance that they are dealing with an honest, reliable and reputable company."
"[I would like] to express my thanks and support for the philosophy and standards behind the Checkatrade business. I joined Checkatrade over 2 years ago with the view to the brand helping me grow my business. Two years later I receive approximately 4-5 calls a week.... from someone with a dripping tap to a customer who had his & her bathrooms done, the cloakroom re-furbished and 19 new radiators fitted. The brand continues to grow and local advertising always produces more business. The website works really well as do the feedback cards, stickers on the van and logos on all letters and quotes. The return on investment is significant, and as a result I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to any business looking to grow. [Thank you] to the team at Head Office."
"Checkatrade is Brilliant. I will say that what you put in is what you will get out and now 70% of our work comes via Checkatrade. I'm so pleased and they also offer really good advice and support on how to do any changes to your Checkatrade web page."
"Since starting out as a sole trader at the turn of the year I was obviously keen to promote myself and increase business as quickly as possible. Checkatrade was highly recommended to me by a friend in the tiling trade. I understandably, and to be honest, hesitantly, parted with my money, which runs thin in the early stages of starting out. I have frankly never looked back. Whilst I have a number of other sources of work, in terms of volume, Checkatrade brings me the most. Touch wood, I have had nothing but good experiences with every job. The ability to see feedback works for the customer; to find a reputable, reliable, quality tradesperson and for the tradesperson; to advertise their abilities and quality. I would highly recommend any tradesperson starting out and looking to promote their business to consider Checkatrade. Likewise, I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a tradesperson, to use Checkatrade to find them and benefit from the vetting process conducted on all tradespersons advertising with them."
"Since joining Checkatrade the work has been non stop. Everybody uses Checkatrade now and it saved my business 4 years ago."
"Thanks a million Checkatrade for the free tickets to the Splash Fm Garden Party - we had a great night on Saturday night. Also my phone does not stopping ringing with enquiries from Checkatrade. "
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