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Gardener appeared on 'Cowboy Builders'

By Deborah Bates, on 22 July 2011

One of Britain's professional gardeners from Woolston, Warrington has appeared on Channel Five's 'Cowboy Builders' alongside Melinda Messenger.

Jason Stafford was on the programme because he helped to repair the "trashed" garden of a couple who had been ripped off by a rouge builder, the Warrington Guardian confirmed.

He was approached to undertake the repair work by researchers from the show, but Mr Stafford admitted: "I was surprised to get the call. I didn't know if it was real or my mates winding me up."

However once he realised he said yes straight away, adding: "I thought I'd be quite nervous about it but I was quite relaxed when I got there.

"The builder had trashed the garden, so it was like a building site with everyone doing lots of work. He had taken liberties then pushed off with the money."

As such, he revealed that he tidied up the mess, redesigned the space and landscaped it free of charge. Mr Stafford didn't want to ask for any money as the job was for "a good cause."

Unfortunately, being left in such a situation isn't uncommon these days; however advised people to "stand up" for their rights and be vocal about what they want. Some may even be lucky enough to find a kind soul, such as Mr Stafford, to held them rectify their work if they stand up for themselves.

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