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"Unprecedented" growth in rogue traders

By Joe Elvin, on 22 June 2011

The amount of rogue traders in Britain has significantly risen thanks to the recession, a new study claims.

A report from Citizen Advice has claimed that the current financial climate has led to an "unprecedented rise" in conmen looking to exploit people for their money.

One of the main sources of rogue trade is from cowboy builders who lure unsuspecting homeowners into purchasing work on the cheap, but this is left uncompleted or completed to a poor standard.

Although these cowboys may appear trustworthy and could offer cheaper deals, it is always better to hire recommended tradesmen who can provide references of the quality of previous work.

Citizen Advice's chief executive, Gillian Guy, has warned the public to be extra vigilant when dealing with tradesmen as they were beginning to lose track of the growing amount of conmen emerging in the UK.

Speaking to, she said: "Con merchants have never had it so good. The recession has provided an opening for money-making scams and sharp practices disguised as sources of help."

The National Audit Office has also warned BBC News that Trading Standards Offices are no longer equipped to deal with the vast amount dodgy tradesmen across the country.

It is estimated that billions of pounds are lost to rogue traders in the UK every year.

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