Millions of reviews

Our members give out a feedback card with each and every job, and we put the reviews online for all to see. We've published approx. 3.8 million reviews to date.

Free to use

Checkatrade is a completely free service, and you can see the tradespeople's contact information straight away. We don't charge you a penny.


Search for tradespeople who work near you from anywhere in the UK. Our members can be found from Caithness to Cornwall.

About our members

Checkatrade runs strict background checks on tradespeople before they can become members. Once they join, members agree to have feedback from their customers put online for all to see. We’ve published 3,781,829 to date. See our FAQs for our process on how we publish feedback.

Members promise to meet The Checkatrade Standard.

No other directory of tradespeople uses this model. The background checks and public feedback ensure that only reliable and trusted tradespeople get work through Checkatrade. They make sure that you can find someone outstanding to get the job done.

I am a big fan of Checkatrade and I feel safe that I won't get ripped off when looking for a trades person.

- Customer in Southampton, | 23 May 2011

I have used the site and have recommended to others who needed services; would always look to find someone to do the job I needed doing on here.

- Customer in Bournemouth, | 7 May 2011

A very well put together website - all the information I needed was easy to find.... it's a really good service. Thank you.

- Customer in Bournemouth, | 4 November 2008

Checkatrade is a great idea!!

- Customer in London, | 6 May 2011

We've used your services on several occasions, and the work by the people we've employed as a result has always turned out to be first class. So you're providing a very valuable service.

- Customer in Sway, Near Lymington, | 2 December 2011

Extremely useful service!

- Customer in Walton-on-Thames, | 18 May 2011

I am nearly 80 but I find the Checkatrade site really user-friendly and I really enjoy using it. More people my age should use the Checkatrade site, it's so simple. I have nothing but good things to say about Checkatrade.

- Customer in Hove, | 12 March 2014

Top class service with excellent value for money. This company reflects what Checkatrade is all about - 100% recommendation!

- Customer in Esher, | 5 June 2007

Very, very happy with the plumber that we have used and would always use in the future.

- Customer in Southampton, | 15 May 2011

My wife and I find the service you offer to the public consumer excellent and we always choose our tradesmen from your website

- Customer in Watford, | 9 February 2015

I am so glad to have received your list and would not hesitate to use another trader should I need to.

- Customer in Caterham, | 12 September 2007

You guys are doing a great job, and your service / website is excellent – takes away a lot of the uncertainty and fear when dealing with the unknown. Thanks.

- Customer in Guildford, | 7 February 2014

Always had first class service from the tradespeople used - would certainly offer them first choice for further work but confident in site to seek different traders if required.

- Customer in Hove, | 5 May 2011

Yet again Checkatrade has helped me to find another company I can trust and will use again - many thanks!

- Customer in Chessington, | 3 February 2006

Checkatrade gives a safe and easy way of finding traders and obtaining a selection of quotes.

- Customer in Poole, | 5 May 2011

We found a great carpet fitter through your website. Due to the feedback system, it provides great confidence in the trades people. Will definitely use again, provided I can find the right trades people.

- Customer in Fleet, | 30 October 2008

The Checkatrade directory is a quick easy guide to have to hand. I will add the Checkatrade website to my favourites.

- Customer in Yateley, | 30 October 2008

Checkatrade is useful if looking for tradespersons; better than an 'eyes closed pin selection' out of the Yellow Pages. I will use again.

- Customer in Southampton, | 5 November 2008

Invaluable service, have used it several times!

- Customer in Horsham, | 7 May 2011

Using the Checkatrade site I was able to find the information I was looking for and was able to make an informed decision. The company lived up to my expectations.

- Customer in , | 1 March 2014

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your website, very easy to use and so re assuring to know I can deal with good tradesmen. I have used this site twice now and will definitely use it again. Many thanks.

- Customer in Ramsgate, | 14 November 2013

Very useful, would highly recommend this service.

- Customer in Waterlooville, | 21 May 2011

I think Checkatrade is a great service and sooooo useful.

- Customer in Emsworth, | 1 March 2012

Thank you for all your help, I have used Checkatrade members many times before and have been very satisfied.

- Customer in Bognor Regis, | 2 December 2010

I have used your Checkatrade directory before and it has proved to be very helpful; very much appreciated.

- Customer in Brighton, | 10 May 2011

I felt confident knowing they were members of Checkatrade. Their work, reliability and value for money were excellent.

- Customer in Epsom, | 22 March 2007

Thank you Checkatrade, you’re like my bible. I always go to you first and will continue to do so.

- Customer in Cobham, | 9 May 2011

The directory is very helpful and you know you can trust the tradesmen. The Checkatrade website is easy to read and very helpful.

- Customer in Addlestone, | 29 October 2008

One of the most useful websites for the householder particularly a newcomer to the area.

- Customer in Chichester, | 10 May 2011

Checkatrade gives peace of mind on selecting tradespeople to attend to my home.

- Customer in Basingstoke, | 12 May 2011

This is the first time I have used someone from checkatrade. If they're all as efficient, I will always go to Checkatrade first.

- Customer in Southampton, | 23 June 2009

This is an excellent way of searching for bona fide tradesmen/women in any area. At least one stands a good chance of finding reputable companies/individuals to carry out work within the home.

- Customer in Southampton, | 7 May 2011

Takes the worry out of having work done at home. Protection against rogue traders. Advise Checkatrade for all your family and friends.

- Customer in Guildford, | 6 May 2011

Professional way of work: very good skills, polite, on time and on budget. Many thanks, Checkatrade works for us!

- Customer in Angmering, | 11 June 2007

We have found that with Checkatrade you get a competent job done at a reasonable price.

- Customer in Haywards Heath, | 8 May 2011

The Checkatrade directory is very handy. A 'who to call in the event of' document which I shall keep with the phone directories, etc.

- Customer in Southampton, | 11 November 2008

Very pleased I chose this company from Checkatrade as I have always been satisfied with other traders from the list.

- Customer in Cheam, | 15 November 2007

Fast to quote, good value for money, friendly, professional and exactly the kind of tradesman you would expect from Checkatrade, happily recommend him to friends and colleagues.

- Customer in Worthing, | 17 March 2007

Helps keep the independant trader in business!!

- Customer in London, | 16 May 2011

I'm really glad there is a company like Checkatrade around; saves all of us a lot of time, trouble and money. I wouldn't get a tradesman in unless I knew he was part of the Checkatrade system.

- Customer in Brighton, | 23 February 2011

A useful, no nonsense tool that provides the information you are looking for in an instant.

- Customer in Waterlooville, | 15 May 2011

Thank you for running an excellent scheme – we now only use Checkatrade registered traders and are always very pleased with service and value.

- Customer in Havant, | 15 October 2011

I think 'checkatrade' is a brilliant idea!

- Customer in Epsom, | 15 February 2008

Thank you Checkatrade for enabling me to find a first class company to re-fit my kitchen. It was so important to me to have honest, reliable, hard working experts to do the job. I have told so many people about Checkatrade!

- Customer in Tunbridge Wells, | 2 November 2011

Checkatrade provides a valuable service in eliminating "cowboy" and "rogue" traders. I always use it.

- Customer in Bognor Regis, | 17 May 2011

Recently moved to the area and used Checkatrade to find someone to replace the double glazed back door. Really pleased, thanks for the service.

- Customer in West Sussex, | 1 June 2006

Whenever I need a service I will always use Checkatrade because I can see what I'm going to get, ie. tidines, value for money, etc.

- Customer in Epsom, | 5 June 2008

I thought that this "Checkatrade" may be too good to be true, but my first experience of using it restored my faith that there is somewhere that you can find services that won't turn into a nightmare experience!

- Customer in Ferring, | 16 August 2006

I have had totally satisfactory results from Checkatrade recommended tradesmen.

- Customer in Waterlooville, | 7 May 2011

We have used the Checkatrade service to assist in the selection of tradesmen and have been 100% satisfied in all aspects.

- Customer in Southampton, | 8 May 2011

I always check the 'Checkatrade' listings before ringing for quotes.

- Customer in Worthing, | 8 May 2011

The directory is very useful and I like the website - it's easy to use and a good design plus being a useful service.

- Customer in Bournemouth, | 22 October 2008

Checkatrade helps you choose with confidence, gives good service providers a boost and makes traders accountable for their work across a wide audience.

- Customer in Fleet, | 10 May 2011

May I take this opportunity to thank Checkatrade for the wonderful service. It has made life so much easier.

- Customer in Littlehampton, | 4 February 2010

We found Purbeck Plumbing thanks to the Checkatrade website. We were very impressed with his knowledge, accuracy and implementation and then asked if he could manage a much bigger project for us.

- Customer in Weymouth, | 9 October 2012

Just to let you know am loving your leaflet and finding all kinds of nice trades people, I will let you know when I have used one! I find it all very useful - one is at the mercy of so many cowboys we just need a system like this.

- Customer in Twickenham, | 20 February 2009

I just wanted to say what a brilliant service Checkatrade is. I have found two excellent companies thanks to you and will no doubt be returning soon!

- Customer in Tunbridge Wells, | 17 October 2012

I have had some unpleasant experiences through trades persons but knowing that Check A Trade is available, just gives you better piece of mind, I would only ever find a trades person that i need via Check A Trade

- Customer in Mrs Julie Lloyd-James, | 16 June 2014

[It is] worth [taking] a look [at the traders' profiles] before you make contact!

- Customer in Epsom, | 6 May 2011

Very clear, well laid out and informative.

- Customer in Fleet, | 8 November 2008

I just bought a house and used to find a Removal company, a Decorator, a Central heating engineer and an Electrician to do stuff to my house. All four of them 10 out of 10 for everything!

- Customer in Brighton, | 5 April 2013

We used a tradesmen on Checkatrade as we are wary of "Cowboys". They exceeded our expectations and have given us the confidence to employ trades in future - obviously from Checkatrade!

- Customer in Bognor Regis, | 28 March 2007

Everyone I have found and used on has lived up to their reviews.

- Customer in Purley, | 11 May 2011

Useful service, gives one confidence that the tradespeople identified will do a good job.

- Customer in Littlehampton, | 16 May 2011

The Checkatrade service gives you reliability and peace of mind.

- Customer in Worthing, | 10 February 2007

I always use Checkatrade as you know that you are going to get a good job done by a reputable firm.

- Customer in Brighton, | 15 May 2011

Checkatrade has provided me with a team that I have used again and again with confidence.

- Customer in Fareham, | 18 May 2011

Checkatrade sorts the wheat from the chaff - thank you!

- Customer in Waterlooville, | 6 May 2011

The directory that came through my door is well presented and compact, and the Checkatrade website is easy to use.

- Customer in Southampton, | 18 November 2008

On behalf of Checkatrade users, I would like to say a huge thank you for realising a great idea of putting people in touch with the right tradesmen - it is so helpful and reassuring.

- Customer in Sutton, | 5 July 2010

I really appreciate Checkatrade. It's a wonderful organisation and I use it all the time.

- Customer in East Ashling, Chichester, | 17 August 2011

Chose a Checkatrade gas engineer because we trust Checkatrade as had such success with traders we have used before. Once again great service from Checkatrade and the engineer himself.

- Customer in , | 14 March 2014

Excellent source for finding good, reliable trades people.

- Customer in Reading, | 14 May 2011

If you're in doubt about the company you want to employ, check it out - you'll be suprised what checkatrade can do for you.

- Customer in Horley, | 12 May 2011

Checkatrade is simple but effective

- Customer in Leatherhead, | 6 May 2011

Checkatrade gives confidence when searching for trades persons, I find it very helpful in ensuring best practice. Checkatrade is one of the most useful "tools" of recent years

- Customer in Poole, | 12 May 2011

The trader had a pleasant personality, arrived on time and carried out the work efficiently. Thank you Checkatrade!

- Customer in Berkshire, | 21 March 2014

When I need a trader I always look at Checkatrade and have been very satisfied with the standard of work provided by members. It is helpful to read previous reports and to know that if I did have a problem I could add my comments to your website.

- Customer in Bognor Regis, | 6 May 2011

Needed a trustworthy appliance repair man, used Checkatrade again and have since used the same man 3 times. Really pleased with the ease of the website.

- Customer in West Sussex, | 13 May 2010

The directory is easy to read and is a very helpful site. Off the top of my head I can't think of any improvements that you could make to the service you provide.

- Customer in Egham, | 4 November 2008

Extremely useful service that I have recommended to friend and family. Every trade I have used has been successful with great service.

- Customer in Brighton, | 11 May 2011

Find someone others have trusted and you can too.

- Customer in London, | 21 May 2011

What a relief! I am now looking for the 'Checkatrade' symbol before I ask for a quote - real service with a smile!

- Customer in Crawley, | 1 December 2006

I find the directory most helpful and I can see the website is going to be useful. It seems that there is not much more Checkatrade can do.

- Customer in Broadstone, | 28 October 2008

We have used Checkatrade several times to great success and thank you for your service.

- Customer in Worthing, | 30 September 2007

This is not the first time I have used your (Checkatrade's) service and I am most grateful for it. The peace of mind it gives is so valuable.

- Customer in Totton, | 2 December 2009

My late husband and I have used Checkatrade and find them excellent and trustworthy. I would never (if possible) use anyone else but Checkatrade.

- Customer in Addlestone, | 19 May 2011

The website is informative and easy to follow. I hadn't previously heard of Checkatrade - will definitely use you in the future.

- Customer in Eastleigh, | 18 November 2008

Checkatrade is a great idea - we have used this service several times recently for plastering and brickwork, and now for our patio enlargement by a local builder!

- Customer in Fareham, | 6 May 2011

I will only use trades who are registered on Checkatrade because it is so difficult to find reliable and expert help otherwise. I find the customer feedback helps me to choose the one that will suit my needs.

- Customer in Worthing, | 5 May 2011

I'd like to thank Checkatrade. It is important to know that the person you allow into your house has been approved by someone like you.

- Customer in Sutton, | 13 February 2009

A great service beyond all expectations

- Customer in Maidstone, Kent, | 11 March 2014

Checkatrade is a service that is really filling a need in this area and the website is brilliant - very user friendly.

- Customer in Camberley, | 8 January 2009

Great service, always use Checkatrade now

- Customer in London, | 8 May 2011

I'd just like to say what an excellent service you provide, The company I contacted via your site was brilliant! Thank you.

- Customer in Copthorne, | 6 March 2008

We have always found Checkatrade extremely useful and reliable in pointing us in the right direction of which tradesman to use.

- Customer in , | 5 June 2014

I always use your website before hiring a tradesman and have been pleased with the results. I have always been happy with my chosen tradesman so it is a very useful service.

- Customer in Hove, | 8 November 2007

So pleased that we have found Checkatrade. As pensioners it is a worry that you might be "ripped off", but we were totally relaxed and confident about using them.

- Customer in London, | 3 May 2006

Used Checkatrade again to have all house windows replaced. Guy we used was not that local but trusted the Checkatrade site, so used him anyway. He was great so Checkatrade worked.

- Customer in West Sussex, | 15 May 2009

It is good to know who are the honest tradesmen out there that you can call on when needed.

- Customer in Poole, | 15 November 2008

We always look at your delivered directory and then, if not in a hurry, the website to find someone for a new need, being relatively new to the area.

- Customer in Bognor Regis, | 6 May 2011

I just want to say congratulations on the Checkatrade process. It's the first time I/we've used Checkatrade and it certainly helped us to select an excellent tradesman. We will definitely be looking for the Checkatrade logo in future.

- Customer in Southampton, | 23 August 2011

* Based on visits to our website last year.