Checkatrade Is a business built on word of mouth. The best person to give a recommendation Is the customer — so see for yourself what our members say about Checkatrade.

    I was a bit skeptical about joining to begin with but since joining in August 2014 it has doubled my workload and I am now booked up until May 2015, best thing I have ever done, I couldn't recommend it more!

    - Andy Morgan, APM Plumbing | 8 January 2015

    I have invested in other companies but they have not generated as much work for me as what Checkatrade has. By being a member of Checkatrade it has brought a lot more enquiries my way and customers now find it easier to find me. Overall I am very very happy!

    - Arron Miles, A1 Carpentry And Locksmith | 8 January 2015

    At Portsmouth Electrical we have been extremely happy with the impact Checkatrade has had on our business. We receive telephone calls and emails on an almost daily basis inquiring for electrical works to be quoted which regularly results in work. We're a reasonably new company and Checkatrade has been a valuable asset in helping us promote our company maintaining a consistent flow of work.

    - Joseph Patridge, Portsmouth Electrical Ltd | 8 January 2015

    Apart from my tools, joining Checkatrade was the best investment I have made into my business, my Checkatrade membership paid for itself in the first week!

    - Justin Cardy, Jetstream Drain Cleaning Limited | 15 December 2014

    I was not overly aware of Checkatrade until I was recommended by other members to join, now that I have joined ‘it does the trick’, it works for me and 80% of my work comes from being a member of Checkatrade

    - Mas Cerniauskas, ATD Construction | 15 December 2014

    The main reason for me joining Checkatrde is so that my current and future customers can see that I am credible, gaining extra work through Checkatrade is an absolute bonus!

    - Steve Stay, Aqua Solutions | 15 December 2014

    Checkatrade has enhanced my business and has built a bigger customer base than what I had before.

    - Gary Callaway, Decor8 London Ltd | 15 December 2014

    Once I went live on the Checkatrade site it was slow starting to begin with but as soon and I got the feedback coming in, the work came in also. I have generated a lot of work through Checkatrade and it works for me and my other trading friends.

    - Lee Brisbane , Lee Brisbane Landscape & Gardening Services | 13 December 2014

    I heard of Checkatrade and was in two minds whether to join or not, I have tried other advertisements which haven’t worked for me, then a plumber friend recommended Checkatrade to me. So I got in touch with and went through the process and I have been happy ever since, I have no complaints about this company. I am now in my second year of membership so it’s working really well for me.

    - Mr John Holmes, Apex Appliances | 13 December 2014

    A big thank yout for helping move my BUSINESS DW JIONERY SERVICES onward and upward. In fact over 80% increase since I've joined !!!!! And I truly believe CHECKATRADE you Kevin Byrne have my back ONCE AGAIN A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU AND ALL YOUR TEAM

    - Derek and Lee, Wearing Builders Limited | 23 November 2014