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Air conditioning installation in Hainault

If you’re fed up with your home turning into a sauna on hot summer days, why not consider having air conditioning installed?

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  • What do I need to know before installing AC?

    While air conditioning was once only found in fancy office buildings, home air conditioning units are becoming more common. So, if you want to keep your home feeling comfortable throughout the year, AC installation is the way to go.

    Before you get too excited and rush out to buy an air conditioning unit, consider:

    • Type of air conditioner - You can choose from portable air conditioners, split air conditioners and ducted air conditioners. Split and ducted air conditioners are a lot more effective than portable units

    • Your budget - Each type of air conditioner will come at a different cost. For example, portable air conditioning units will be more affordable than ducted air conditioning systems

    • Running costs - The more powerful your air conditioner and the more units you have, the higher the running costs will be

    • AC size - Bigger air conditioners are more powerful but can also look ugly in small rooms

    • Maintenance - Your new air conditioner will need to be serviced regularly to ensure it’s performing well and needs no repairs. Consider the cost of maintenance before buying an AC unit

    • Location - Many air conditioners are powerful enough to cool multiple rooms of your home at the same time so think about what the best location for yours will be. If you just want to cool a specific room, you could choose a small air conditioner and position it in that room. Or, if you want to cool multiple rooms, choose a large unit and position it in a hallway

  • How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

    The average air conditioning installation cost for a split air system is between £1,750 and £7,500. Alternatively, the average air conditioning installation cost for a ducted system is £3,000.

    That said, it can be tricky to give an accurate figure for how much air conditioning installation costs as there are a number of variables that impact the price. These include:

    • Size of AC - Bigger units are generally more expensive than smaller units

    • Size of room - If your room is large, you’ll need a bigger, more costly unit

    • Type of AC - Portable air conditioners will be cheaper than split air or ducted systems

    • Number of units - The more units you need, the higher your air conditioning installation cost will be

    • Extra features - You can expect to pay more for extra features like a timer, sleep mode or remote control

    • Location - The price of labour will vary depending on where you live. London is typically the most expensive area of the UK

    For more prices and advice, why not visit our air conditioning installation cost guide?

  • Is AC installation easy?

    This really depends on the type of air conditioner you choose. Portable air conditioners are a lot easier to install than split or ducted air conditioners. When it comes to taking on AC installation yourself, we wouldn’t advise attempting to install a split or ducted system unless you have experience and training.

    Remember, mistakes can lead to damage to your home and the air conditioner. What's more, you could injure yourself or your family through poor workmanship. As such, we’d recommend hiring a trained expert who offers aircon installation in Hainault for this job.

  • What is the process of AC installation?

    Installing a split or ducted air conditioner is difficult, time consuming and not recommended for inexperienced DIYers. However, if you’re considering installing a portable air conditioner yourself, this is a much more realistic project.

    To help guide you, we’ve summarised the process of installing a portable air conditioner below:

    1. Thoroughly read through your new AC unit installation instructions

    2. Find a position that’s close to a window and a power outlet

    3. Start by installing the window adapter kit that came with your new air conditioner

    4. Attach the exhaust hose to your air conditioner

    5. Attach the other end of the hose to your window adapter

    6. Secure the exhaust hose to your window adapter (you can use tape if necessary)

    7. Close your window so it lines up with your adapter

    8. Plug the power cable into your power outlet and enjoy

  • How long after installing an AC can I turn it on?

    Depending on the type of AC unit, you’ll need to wait a little while before turning it on. Most ACs will need around 30 minutes for the freon to settle before they can be safely switched on. Other systems may need up to 24 hours before they can be used.

    The waiting time should be listed in the manufacturer's instructions that came with your new unit. A professional will be able to advise you.