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Emergency lighting in St-Agnes

Finding an emergency lighting company in St-Agnes doesn’t need to be a long complicated process. We can help simplify and speed up your search. Plus, our members come recommended by your neighbours.

Here are two ways of finding emergency lighting experts in St-Agnes:

  1. Go online and look for emergency lighting installation in St-Agnes then contact the companies directly.

  2. Alternatively, use our time saving request a quote feature. Tell us about the work you need doing and we’ll send your details to three local emergency lighting companies. They’ll then contact you to offer you three fair quotes.

  • What is emergency lighting?

    While you may not have heard of emergency lighting, but it’s invaluable during times of crisis. Most lighting runs off electricity so if there’s a power cut, your building will be plunged into darkness. Emergency lighting runs off battery power so it works even during power cuts.

  • When is emergency lighting used?

    Generally, emergency lighting isn't used in residential homes apart from multi level properties. It is however, often found in buildings where a lack of lighting could cause injury and danger during evacuation.

    Emergency lighting can usually be found in schools, hospitals, universities, hotels, offices, clubs, museums and some shops.

  • What are the benefits of emergency lighting?

    Emergency lighting is designed to prevent accidents during power cuts. It can help illuminate obstacles and stairways to allow safe evacuation. One of the biggest benefits of emergency lighting is that it can be set up to automatically activate in the event of a power cut. It can be used to illuminate escape routes as well as important exit signs.

  • How often should UK emergency lighting be tested?

    Emergency lighting is such an important addition to any building where evacuation may be necessary. In case of a power cut, you’ll be relying on your emergency lighting to illuminate dark spaces. Without regular emergency lighting tests, there’s no way to know whether the system is functioning correctly or not.

    Regular checking and testing of emergency lighting is essential. It’s recommended that thorough emergency lighting tests are carried out annually. However, quick monthly checks can also be carried out to spot any damaged signs or lights.

  • Who can test emergency lighting?

    It’s important that emergency lighting tests are done by a competent person. This means you will need to hire a professional with the experience and qualifications to carry out emergency lighting tests properly.

    Unless you hire a competent tradesperson for this job, you can't guarantee there’ll be no issues with your system.

  • What are the legal requirements for emergency lighting?

    Not only is emergency lighting a good way of preventing accidents during power cuts, it’s a legal requirement in most buildings. The emergency lighting regulations require emergency routes and exits to be clearly signposted. It’s also vital that a good amount of lighting is used to improve visibility along building exit routes.

    Regularly checking emergency lighting is working is also a legal requirement. The law states that the functional operation of your emergency lighting should be checked monthly and annually. Your emergency lighting should be tested for a full rated duration.

    To summarise, emergency lighting of signs and exit routes is a legal requirement, as is regularly checking the system.

  • How much does it cost to install emergency lighting?

    Depending on the type of emergency lighting you need installed, the price for this job will vary. Before setting your budget, consider the following:

    • Size of building - The larger your building, the more emergency lighting you’ll need, pushing up the price.

    • Type of emergency lighting - Adding signs, exit route indicators and general lighting will all be priced differently.

    • Number of lighting fixtures - The more emergency lighting fixtures you add, the higher the cost.

    • Equipment needed - If you need extra equipment like controllers, or wireless emergency lighting, this can push up the price.

    • Custom emergency lighting - Choosing a custom system to perfectly suit your building can increase the amount you pay.

    Emergency lighting installation cost

    As well as the cost of your emergency lighting, you’ll need to pay for installation. Many electricians are able to install emergency lighting but they’ll often charge by the hour rather than by the job. The average electrician hourly rate is £40 but this figure will vary depending on the complexity of the job and where your building is located in the UK.

    You can see more prices and information about hiring an electrician in our electrician hourly rate cost guide.

    Want to speak to emergency lighting companies in St-Agnes?

    Legally, you need to install emergency lighting in your building (not including purely residential properties) so it's important to find a professional to get the job done. Our members pass thorough checks and are recommended by others in your local area so you can be sure you’re hiring someone trustworthy and qualified.

    We can help you find emergency lighting experts in St-Agnes in two easy ways. Firstly, our online search feature is free to use, just type in your postcode. You’ll then be able to view a range of emergency light installation specialists in St-Agnes.

    Or, why not save time using our request a quote feature. Use our online form to tell us about your job and we’ll pass your details to three emergency lighting experts in St-Agnes. They’ll then put together quotes.