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Felt roofers in Cheam

Finding a tradesperson can be tough. But the good news is that we can help you find felt roofers in Cheam quickly and easily. Our members are even recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two options if you need to find felt roofing companies in Cheam:

  1. Search Checkatrade for felt roofers and get in touch with them directly.

  2. Fill in our request a quote form. Just tell us about your job and we’ll send the details to three experienced felt roofers in Cheam. They’ll then either ask for more information or send you a quote.

  • What is felt roofing?

    Felt is a material that can often be seen on flat roofs. It’s also handy to cover shed and garage roofs. Generally, felt roofing is made of 2-3 layers of felt, that is then waterproofed to stop water from leaking into your home, shed, or garage.

  • Is felt roofing any good?

    This depends on your needs and preferences. Felt roofing has several benefits but as with most materials, there are a few drawbacks. Below we’ve summarised the pros and cons of felt roofing:


    • Lightweight: Felt roofing is light so it doesn't add extra strain to your roof

    • Affordable: Felt is one of the most affordable roofing materials, great if you’re on a tight budget

    • Versatile: Felt can be shaped to fit any roof and is often available in different colours

    • Repairs: Felt can be easily patched if it becomes torn or damaged


    • Damage: Felt can unfortunately be damaged by strong temperatures, causing it to crack and warp

    • Maintenance: Felt requires quite a lot of maintenance otherwise it’ll become damaged and cracked

    • Recycling: Felt doesn't have the longest lifespan unless well cared for and it’s difficult to recycle, which is not great for the environment

  • What are the alternatives to felt roofing?

    Felt is not the only option available for protecting the roof of your home, garage or shed. In fact, there are a few other choices. These include:

    • Fibreglass: A durable, long lasting material with great aesthetics

    • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer): A waterproof, high quality material that’s easy to repair

    • Asphalt: A versatile, energy efficient material that’s weatherproof

    • PVC: A strong, fire resistant material that’s energy efficient

    How long do felt roofs last?

    Without proper maintenance, a felt roof won't last for very long. However, if you’re willing to put in the extra time and energy, felt roofs can last up to 20 years.

  • How much is felt roofing per metre?

    The price you pay for felt roofing will generally be different than the amount your friend pays. This is due to the number of variables that impact the cost of felt roofing.

    Before setting your budget, consider the following factors:

    • Condition of the roof: If your roof is in poor condition it’ll need extra repairs before it can be felted. This will increase the amount you pay.

    • Size of the roof: The larger your roof, the more felt you’ll need which will also increase labour times, pushing up the cost.

    • Ease of access: If your roof is difficult to access, labour times will increase and so will the price you pay.

    • Material quality: High quality felt will cost more than basic felt.

    • Location: Labour costs vary throughout the UK.

    So, bearing the above factors in mind, how much is felt roofing per metre? For just the materials, the average price is £50 per m2.

    Felt roofing cost

    In addition to the felt itself, you’ll need to budget for labour. As with the price of felt, the amount you pay for labour will vary. However, the average labour cost for felt roofing is £200 a day.

    You can find more information and prices in our refelting roof cost guide.

  • How to install felt roofing

    As labour costs can be quite expensive depending on the size of your roof, many homeowners choose to carry out the felt roofing installation themselves. It’s important to note that if you have no DIY experience and are looking for flawless results, it's probably a good idea to hire a professional to do the work.

    Below we’ve summarised the felt roofing installation process:

    1. Prepare the roof by repairing any damage, removing any roofing materials and ensuring the surface is clean.

    2. Measure and cut the felt to size, you’ll need three layers.

    3. Lay out the felt on your roof for at least 30 mins.

    4. Nail the first layer of felt to the roof.

    5. Apply adhesive.

    6. Attach the second and third layers with nails, applying adhesive to each layer.

    7. Flatten the felt by walking over it.

    8. Apply a final layer of adhesive.

    You can find more detailed instructions for laying roofing felt, a list of tools and materials and handy tips in our how to felt a flat roof guide.

    Want to speak to felt roofers in Cheam?

    If you want to protect your roof without breaking the bank, felt is a great choice. Once you’re ready to get in touch with felt roofing companies in Cheam, let us help you. Our members are thoroughly checked to ensure you’re hiring the right professional for your project.

    A great way of quickly finding felt roofing companies in Cheam is to use our free search feature. Type in your postcode to see a range of experts near you.

    Alternatively, try our request a quote feature. Send us the details of the job you need doing and we’ll do the leg work, finding three experienced felt roofers in Cheam. They’ll then get in touch with you directly to offer you a quote.