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Solid fuel heating engineers in South-Tyneside

Finding solid fuel heating engineers in South-Tyneside can take a while. However, we can help speed up this process. Our members even come recommended by your neighbours.

Here are two ways of finding solid fuel central heating installers:

  1. Search Checkatrade for solid fuel professionals in your area and get in touch with them directly.

  2. Use our request a quote feature and let us do the hard work for you. Tell us about the work you need doing and we’ll pass your details to three solid fuel central heating installers in South-Tyneside. They’ll then contact you with a quote..

  • Types of solid fuel:

    Solid fuel is an alternative fuel source that can be used to heat your home and water. The most common types of solid fuel include coal, wood, peat, paper, biomass, charcoal and smokeless fuels.

  • What is a solid fuel appliance?

    Solid fuel appliances use different types of solid fuel for energy. For example, a wood burning stove converts wood logs into heat that can keep your home cosy during colder days. Other solid fuel appliances include ovens, boilers, open fires and different types of stoves.

  • How does solid fuel central heating work?

    Many homes in the UK rely on gas to keep their central heating working, however, there are alternative options. This is especially important if your home isn’t connected to the mains grid. If gas isn't for you, a great option is to choose a solid fuel central heating system.

    These systems work using fuels like wood or coal which can be burnt in a stove or boiler. The heat generated is then used to warm up a tank of water which can power your central heating system and supply your taps. The main difference between using gas and solid fuel is that you’ll need to regularly top up your solid fuel supplies.

  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of solid fuel heating?

    What are the advantages of solid fuel heating?

    If your home isn't connected to the mains gas grid, you have the option to choose a solid fuel heating system or to use oil or electricity to provide hot water. There are a range of benefits to picking solid fuel, these include:

    • Sustainability - Wood is a sustainable material and better for the environment than using gas.

    • Safe - There’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning like there is with gas boilers. Solid fuel also won't explode.

    • Running costs - The cost of wood and coal is usually cheaper than using electricity or gas to heat your home.

    • Easy - Lighting a fire is an easy process, this makes solid fuel easy to use.

    • Reliable - Power cuts, empty gas lines and natural disasters can affect the running of your boiler if you use gas or electricity. Instead, choosing a solid fuel boiler means you’ll always be able to stay warm.

    What are the disadvantages of solid fuel heating?

    Unfortunately, solid fuel heating systems aren't perfect. They do have a few drawbacks, including:

    • Price - Generally, it’s more expensive to initially set up a solid fuel heating system. Having said that, running costs are much more affordable.

    • Maintenance - Solid fuel heating systems produce ash and need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep them working properly.

    • Inconvenience - Loading fuel into your boiler by hand can be inconvenient.

    • Efficiency - Solid fuel boilers and heating systems aren’t as efficient as other options.

    There are some solutions to make it more convenient such as a range of automated systems where fuel can be fed into the boiler and topped up once or twice a week. Another option is gravity fed boilers. These use a large box over your boiler that holds days worth of fuel at a time which is added when needed.

  • Is solid fuel heating expensive?

    Initially, the cost of solid fuel heating can be quite high, however your investment will pay off eventually as these heating systems are quite affordable to run.

    Before estimating the cost of solid fuel central heating, it’s important to consider the below factors:

    • Type of heating system - Each type of heating system or appliance will be priced differently. For example, an open fire will usually be cheaper than a wood burning stove.

    • Type of solid fuel - Coal, wood and other types of solid fuel will have different costs.

    • Size of home - The larger your home, the more heat you’ll need to generate. This means you’ll need a bigger boiler or solid fuel heating system which will be more expensive.

    • Current setup - It’s a lot more affordable to switch an old solid fuel heating system for a new one than to replace a gas heating system with a solid fuel heating system.

    • Location - Depending on where you live in the UK, labour costs will vary.

    Cost of solid fuel central heating

    As a rough guide, the average cost of a wood burning stove is £400 to £1,500, with an average installation cost of £2,000.

    You can find more information and prices in our solid fuel central heating cost guide.

  • What is the cost of running solid fuel central heating?

    As with the price of a new system, solid fuel central heating running costs can vary from home to home. The main factors that affect running costs are the capacity of your boiler and the type of solid fuel you use.

    As an example, you can expect to pay around £125 per cubic metre of partially dried wood, while the average cost of briquettes is £150 per cubic metre.

  • How to install solid fuel central heating:

    Installing solid fuel central heating isn’t an easy job, and it definitely isn't suitable for anyone without the proper experience. Remember, poor installation could lead to fires. We’d strongly recommend hiring a professional for this job.

    Want to speak to solid fuel heating engineers in South-Tyneside?

    Once you’re ready to make the switch to a solid fuel heating system, it's important to find a professional you can depend on. Our members each pass thorough checks and come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

    We can help you to find solid fuel central heating installers in your area in two ways. Firstly, our online search. Just type in your postcode to instantly see a range of experts in your local area.

    Alternatively, fill in our request a quote form. Use our online form to send us the details of your project and we’ll pass these on to three solid fuel heating engineers in South-Tyneside. Then you can sit back and relax while they prepare a quote.