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​​There are plenty of good local scaffolders in Newport who come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find a scaffolder in your area:

  1. Search for scaffolders in Newport and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended scaffolders near you and they'll contact you directly.

  • How much does it cost to hire a scaffolding tower?

    How much is scaffolding to hire?

    The cost of scaffolding in the UK depends on the type of scaffolding you need and how long for. Here are some of the average prices you can expect to pay to hire scaffolding:

    • 2-storey semi-detached house – £650 - £1,100 per week

    • Single scaffolding (up to 10m) – £650 - £1,100 per week

    • High level chimney scaffolding – £500 - £820 per week

    • Bridge over conservatory – £400 - £900 per week

    • Single scaffolding for gutters – £250 per week

    • Wall work for terraced house – £310 per week

    For some smaller construction jobs you might only need a scaffolding tower. In which case, you’re looking at a scaffolding hire cost of around £250 per week. The price to hire a single scaffolding tower over a conservatory is about £420 per week.

    How much does scaffolding cost per day?

    To work out the cost per day to hire scaffolding, it’s best to speak to local scaffolding specialists to get accurate prices in your area. They may even have a scaffolding cost estimate calculator that you can use to work out the price.

    To give you a rough guide, scaffolding hire can work out to cost somewhere in the region of £40 - £150 per day, depending on the size and complexity of the scaffolding project.

    Quotes for scaffolding hire costs

    To get accurate scaffolding costs in your area, we always recommend getting at least three quotes from local tradespeople near you. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for hiring scaffolding for your project.

    Thankfully, our request a quote tool makes getting multiple quotes super easy. Simply post details about the project that you need scaffolding for and we’ll send it out to the best local tradespeople in your area, who will contact you directly. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • How is scaffolding cost calculated?

    In order to calculate the cost of scaffolding, scaffolding companies will usually use some kind of scaffolding cost estimate calculator to come up with the total price that you’ll pay. Here are some of the most important factors that will impact scaffolding costs:

    • Size and complexity of the project – The bigger and more complex the project, the higher the scaffolding hire cost will be.

    • Length of hire – Understandably, the total cost of hiring scaffolding will depend on how long you need to use the scaffolding for and you’ll usually agree a fixed fee at the beginning for the whole period of hire

    • Any extensions to the scaffolding hire – If you need to extend the period of scaffolding hire then you’ll usually be charged for the extra time at a weekly rate (this rate should be agreed at the beginning of the hire period).

    • Height – The higher you need to reach with your scaffolding, the more metal poles, wooden boards, fixtures and joints you’ll need – which will increase the overall scaffolding cost.

    • Number of working levels – Similar to the overall height of the scaffolding, the number of working levels needed in the scaffolding structure will also affect the price of the scaffolding.

    • Access to the site – The ease of access to your site will affect the price you pay, with poor access or restricted areas typically costing more than sites with easy access.

    Need help with hiring scaffolding?

    Whether you need a single scaffolding tower or a full scaffolding structure for a whole property, it’s always good to get advice from local scaffolders before you get started.

    Find the best local scaffolding specialists near you with our quick and easy online search. Or request a quote and we’ll reach out to multiple local scaffolders for you and they’ll contact you directly.

  • How long does it take to erect scaffolding?

    The length of time it takes to erect scaffolding depends on the size and complexity of the structure being built, the number of scaffolders working on the project, and the access to the site – among other factors.

    As a rough guide, it can take anywhere from 2 to 48 hours to fully assemble your scaffolding structure. When researching scaffolding companies, it’s a good idea to ask them how long they estimate it will take to erect the scaffolding for your project.

    A simple scaffolding tower for a small area can take as little as 2 hours to fully assemble. On the other hand, erecting scaffolding around four sides of a detached house can take up to 48 hours.

    What is a scaffolder?

    A scaffolder is a tradesperson who is skilled in erecting and dismantling temporary scaffolding on structures and building sites. Scaffolders carry out their work to allow other tradespeople to work at height and carry out their jobs safely and efficiently.

    Want to speak to scaffolding experts in Newport?

    Sometimes it helps to have a quick chat with local scaffolding companies to understand what options are available in your area and how much they’ll cost.

    If you’re ready to reach out to local scaffolders, you’re in the right place. We can help you find the best tradespeople in your area with our quick and easy online search – or request a quote and we’ll get multiple local scaffolders to contact you directly.

  • How much does it cost to scaffold a gable end?

    If you need scaffolding to cover the gable end of your house, perhaps for working on the chimney of your property, you can expect the scaffolding hire cost to be around £600 per week.

    To plan your budget you can also base your calculations on the size of the scaffolding, with the average cost of scaffolding for a roofing and bricklaying job being around £19 per metre.

    The exact price you pay will depend on the size of your property and the complexity of the scaffolding installation. We recommend speaking to local scaffolding companies who will be able to provide you with detailed quotes of scaffolding costs based on the details of your specific project.

    To find out more about prices, check out our guide to scaffolding costs.

    Find the best local scaffolding companies

    If you’re keen to get started with your home improvement project and need scaffolding, we can help you find the best local scaffolders near you – including those who come highly recommended by your neighbours.

    You can either use our quick and easy online search to find and contact scaffolding companies in your area yourself. Or, alternatively, request a quote and we’ll do the legwork for you by reaching out to the best local scaffolders near you and they’ll contact you directly.

  • How long can scaffolding be left up?

    There is currently no time limit for how long scaffolding can be left up in the UK, and the length of time that scaffolding is needed for will depend on the individual project. That said, all scaffolding should be inspected on a weekly basis to ensure that it’s safe and secure.

    It’s particularly important to regularly check the state of the scaffolding structure for long projects, where scaffolding is in place for long periods of time – as the potential for changes to the integrity of the structure will be greater.

    Do I need a permit for scaffolding?

    Yes, for all scaffolding projects in the UK you’ll need to have a permit before any scaffold can be erected to ensure that all the relevant safety standards are met. Scaffolding companies should obtain the permit but if you’re hiring them to do the work then it’s your responsibility to make sure that they have the permit before erecting scaffolding on your property.

    If a scaffolding company can’t show you evidence of a valid permit for your project, don’t let them start work until they can.

    Want to find out more about local scaffolding services?

    When planning a project that requires a scaffold to be erected, it’s important to speak to local scaffolding specialists to understand what’s involved and how much the scaffolding hire will cost. Experienced scaffolders will be able to advise on the options available and what scaffolding you’ll need for your project.

    Keen to get started? Search for the best local scaffolding companies in Newport and get in touch with them yourself. Alternatively, you can get multiple quotes from local scaffolders by using our request a quote feature – simply post details of what you need and we’ll get reliable local tradespeople to contact you directly.