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RIS Joinery
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RIS Joinery
9.96(12 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

Joinery and kitchen specialist with 20 years of experience. We believe in offering a quality and efficient service to all our customers for the best outcome possible
Call07488 841969
Wirral Media Walls Limited
Wirral Media Walls Limited Logo
Wirral Media Walls Limited
9.98(10 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

Bespoke furniture and cabinet makers servicing the Wirral, Liverpool, and surrounding areas. Friendly staff, professional quality, clean and stress free sites.
Call07488 820901
9.47(14 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

We have a portfolio ranging from boxing in a pipe to housebuilding on a large and commercial scale. All aspects of building and joinery.
Call07488 842307
Carpentry, Flooring, Home Improvements and Damp Proofing Services
Carpentry, Flooring, Home Improvements and Damp Proofing Services Logo
Carpentry, Flooring, Home Improvements and Damp Proofing Services
9.46(126 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

All bespoke made to measure fitted wardrobes and alcove units made to measure shelving skirting boards door frames all engineered parquet, solid oak Laminated flooring floor restoration dry rot
Call07458 176039
Insurance unverified
Jones Joinery
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Jones Joinery
9.74(31 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

Your Building and Joinery Expert Scott Jones. With 15 years working all over the UK and mainland Spain we deliver professional skills at a fair price. Check out our website.
Call01352 877034
Apex Joinery
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Apex Joinery
9.82(30 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

Here at Apex Joinery, we have a team of professional joiners covering the whole trade to the highest of quality. Politeness, curiosity and understanding of what the customer wants and needs is our aim
Call07488 843613
Jacques Joinery
Jacques Joinery
10(10 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

Good availability

At Jacques Joinery we cater to your every need with over 20 years’ experience and a wide range of transferable skills we trust to excel your expectations. We pride ourselves on the efficient and...
Call07488 850812
Concept Joinery Solutions
Concept Joinery Solutions Logo
Concept Joinery Solutions
10(106 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

My name is Anthony and Concept Joinery Solutions is a Sole Trader Business. I am a qualified tradesman with 18 years of experience in all aspects of Carpentry and Joinery.I am...
Call07458 175810
KPH Joinery
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KPH Joinery
10(70 reviews)

Operates in Liverpool

Hello, thank you for taking a look at our page I am Kieran Paul Howard I am the owner and creator of KPH Joinery, we thrive on ensuing the customer is happy and in trust with KPH Joinery
Call07488 843877

Carpenters in Liverpool

​​There are plenty of good local carpenters in Liverpool who come well recommended by your neighbours.

How do I find carpenters in my area? Good question, and we have two quick and easy ways to find a reliable local carpenter near you:

  1. Search for local carpenters in Liverpool and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended tradespeople offering carpentry services in your area and they'll contact you directly

  • How much does a carpenter cost in Liverpool?

    The average carpenter cost typically depends on the type of carpentry services you need them for, and they’ll usually be charged as a carpenter hourly rate or as a fixed cost for the job.

    For most carpentry services you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £20 to £40 per hour.

    Some of the fixed carpenter rates might include building a fitted wardrobe, which the average carpenter price would be around £1,000 – obviously depending on the size of the wardrobe and the material that it is made from.

    How much does a carpenter cost per hour?

    To help you plan your budget for any carpentry work that you need doing, here are the average carpenter hourly rates for some of the most popular carpentry services in Liverpool:

    • Furniture refinishing – £25 per hour

    • Cabinet repair – £22.50 per hour

    • Finish carpentry – £30 per hour

    • General carpentry – £25 per hour

    • Fine woodworking – £35 per hour

    Carpenter rates for installing flooring

    Installing flooring is another popular carpentry service that homeowners hire carpenters for. The average carpenter rate for installing flooring ranges from around £15 to £80 per m2 – depending on the type of flooring material.

    To find out more about costs, check out our guide to carpenter prices.

    Factors affecting the carpenter prices

    There are various factors that will affect carpenter hourly rates, mainly based on the complexity of the work involved to complete the job. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when hiring a carpenter near you:

    • Type of carpentry services needed

    • Quantity and quality of materials used

    • Intricacy of the carpentry

    • Any special prep work or finishing treatments needed

    • Time taken to complete the work

    Quotes for carpentry services in Liverpool

    Whenever you’re planning a project that requires carpentry, it’s a good idea to speak to at least three local carpenters in Liverpool to get quotes for the job. By shopping around you can make sure that you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work. And, thankfully, we've got a tool that makes finding multiple quotes super easy.

    Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes: you post details about the work you need doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • What does a carpenter do?

    A carpenter is one of the oldest types of tradesperson around. Carpenters are skilled in working with wood and timber to create, install, repair and replace wooden fixtures, fittings and structures. You’ll find that a lot of home improvements will involve some kind of carpentry service – whether it’s repairing wooden door frames or building a gazebo, carpenters are a versatile and extremely useful tradespeople.

    Carpentry services in Liverpool

    There are hundreds of jobs that a carpenter can help with. Here’s a list of the most popular carpentry services offered by local carpenters in Liverpool:

    • Measuring and cutting building materials

    • Building and repairing wooden furniture

    • Installing decking and other flooring

    • Building garden rooms, gazebos and other outdoor structures

    • Custom woodwork

    • Laying, repairing and replacing floorboards

    • Fixing loose or squeaky stairs

    • Framing doors and windows

    If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable carpenter in Liverpool, look no further. Use our handy search to find the best local carpenters. Or, better yet, try our quick and easy request a quote tool and we’ll contact three local carpenters for you.

    Reasons to hire a carpenter in Liverpool

    If you’re wondering whether or not you need local carpentry services, here are some of the reasons why hiring a carpenter is a good idea…

    • Their skill. Carpentry work requires skill and precision which comes with the experience and training that a professional carpenter will have

    • Professional standards. Hiring a local carpenter who comes well recommended gives you peace of mind that you’re in good hands and they’ll carry out the work to a professional standard

    • Flexible budgets. A local carpenter can work to your budget and suggest the most appropriate materials and carpentry solution for what you need and can afford

    • Save time and stress. Getting the work done by a carpenter will save you a lot of time and hassle as they’ll be able to do the work more quickly and efficiently than a DIY novice

    • Access to discounts, Carpenters in Liverpool will have a strong local network of suppliers and will often be able to access trade discounts on materials

    Their tools. Woodwork and carpentry requires a number of specialist tools that a carpenter will have ready to use (tools that you most likely don’t have sitting around the house)

  • What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner?

    It’s not surprising that there’s some confusion between a carpenter and a joiner, as they both work with wood. And there are some skills and tasks that overlap with these two types of tradesperson, but there are some key differences.

    A joiner vs a carpenter

    In simple terms, the work of a joiner focuses on joining two or more pieces of wood together - usually done in their own workshop due to them needing to use heavy machinery for joining work. Joiners will typically work on a range of timber products, including door frames, window frames, staircases, cabinets, chairs, tables, wardrobes and other specialised furniture.

    A carpenter, on the other hand, traditionally works on the larger elements of woodwork – such as fitting floors, constructing and fitting roof trusses, and building wooden structures. Most of a carpenter’s work is typically done on site, rather than in their own workshop.

    To help you distinguish the difference between carpentry and joinery, think of joiners as tradespeople who create wooden components whereas carpenters either fit those components or they use them to create something else.

    Carpentry and joinery - which do I need?

    If you need bespoke furniture making or a new door or window frame, it’s likely that a joiner is who you need. If, however, you need the door or window frame fitting, or new floors to be laid or a new roof structure, a carpenter will be the person to call.

    That said, in reality many carpenters offer joinery services and vice versa. Depending on the exact nature of the work you need doing and the individual tradesperson, you may end up hiring a joiner or a carpenter – or both.

    Find local joiners and carpenters in Liverpool

    Whatever woodwork you need doing, you can find local tradespeople to help you with your project. As with all home improvement projects, we always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from different tradespeople in your area. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work.

    We even have a handy request a quote tool that makes finding multiple quotes from local joiners and carpenters super easy. You post details about the work you need doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • What is a shuttering carpenter?

    A shuttering carpenter is a specialised tradesperson who creates ‘shuttering’, also known as formwork, which are temporary structures used in the concrete pouring process. These structures are comprised of wooden boards (or metal plates) that are positioned using rods to keep them in place. Concrete is then poured into these moulds to set and the result is a solid, smooth concrete structure.

    A shuttering carpenter is therefore trained to specifically work with these shuttering structures. They are skilled in creating moulds that will achieve the exact finishes for the desired concrete structures. It’s also very common for shuttering carpenters to be actively involved in the concrete pouring process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

    What does a shuttering carpenter do?

    A shuttering carpenter, otherwise known as a formworker, is responsible for using casts to create concrete slabs, support beams and walls during the construction process.

    Here are some of the common jobs that a shuttering carpenter does:

    • Creating forms for bridges, foundations, beams and staircases

    • Building shuttering structures on site using wood or metal frames

    • Dismantling shuttering carefully to avoid damaging them, so that they can be reused

    • Measuring, cutting and shaping wood or metal

    • Working closely with the construction team to ensure the successful pouring of concrete into the moulds

    • Ensuring that concrete blocks are created to match the exact size and shape specifications for the building project

    Find a local shuttering carpenter in Liverpool

    If you’re looking for an experienced local shuttering carpenter, use our search to find the best tradespeople near you. Check their profiles to see information about the services they offer and read reviews from previous customers to help you choose the best shuttering carpenter for the job.

  • How to find a good carpenter

    There are a number of ways to make sure you find the best local carpenter in Liverpool. Here are our top tips...

    1. Search online reviews and ratings

    Nowadays it’s easy to see reviews and ratings for carpenters in your area. Use our search to find local carpenters and check out their profile to see customer ratings. You can also use our handy request a quote tool – you post details about the job you want doing and we’ll send it out to local carpenters in your area for you.

    2. Choose a carpenter with local experience

    Hiring a carpenter with experience working in your local area can save you a lot of time and hassle. Local carpenters will have a working knowledge of local planning permission, they’ll know local suppliers and tradespeople, and will want to do a good job to build more business in the local area.

    3. Create a shortlist and meet with your favourites

    Once you’ve done your research finding recommendations and other local carpenters you think could be right for your project, pick your favourite 2 or 3 and organise to meet them in person.

    Face-to-face meetings will allow you to get a feel for the individual carpenters, their experience, and how well you get on – after all, you want to hire a carpenter who’s approachable, open and honest. It’s also a good idea to ask to see some of their previous work, so that you can see the quality of their work.

    4. Speak to previous customers

    When you’ve narrowed down your choice to the carpenter you want to hire, ask for references from previous customers – and follow up with them. Get in touch with them to ask about how the job went, were they happy with how everything went, and would they work with the carpenter again.