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Trade News

How to manage your cash flow

Managing your cash flow is a vital part of being a successful sole trader or limited company. No matter how much money you’re bringing in, a huge turnover means nothing if your outgoings are just as big – or worse, bigger. That’s cashflow in its simplest form: making sure your incomings are greater than your…

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Trade News

Unlock new business after lockdown

There’s no denying that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a profound impact on businesses across the world. Billions of people are in lockdown around the world. It’s no surprise that production lines have come to a halt, businesses have been forced to shut their doors to the public for the first time in years,…

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garden lighting ideas

ElectricalLandscape Gardening

Outdoor lighting ideas

Being a homeowner is delightfully satisfying, especially if it is something that you have been working towards for a while: but it can be a pricy business too. It can be all too easy for things like decorating that last bedroom or sorting out the garden to be left for a while until finances allow...

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kitchen extension ideas

Kitchen Fitting

Should you consider a kitchen extension?

Family growing, space getting tight? If that was the situation fifteen years ago, young families would have been scanning estate agents windows for a new larger home. Today, many families with young children don’t want the upheaval and high cost of agents commission, solicitors fees, removal charges, stamp duty, and the stress and financial uncertainty...

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working at height scaffolding

RoofingTrade News

Scaffolding Health and Safety Regulations – Staying safe

Scaffolding is an essential part of many building jobs, but it can also present a risk. Scaffolding safety is paramount when it comes to working at height. Read on to find out more about scaffolding health and safety regulations. Scaffolding Health and Safety Regulations An excellent working knowledge of scaffolding health and safety rules is...

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skip faq

Trade News

FAQ for skip hire in the commercial sector

Whether you’re working on a construction site, kitchen or bathroom refurbishment, a full house clearance or any other trade that involves disposing of materials, skip hire is one of the most common methods used to get rid of large volumes of waste. It’s arguably the easiest way so why choose anything else? There are several...

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prevent damp

Damp Proofing

How to prevent damp in your home

Damp is a word that homeowners, quite rightly, have come to dread. Damp can cause significant damage to your home and seriously affect the health of all members of your household. 30% of English households reported an issue with condensation, damp or mould in their home in the year 2016-2017 according to the English Housing...

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hot tub installation

ElectricalHomeowner News

Hot tub installation guide

Getting a hot tub installed in our very own home – well, the garden, at least – can be a way of proving that we have made it. A symbol of success, a hot tub is also an excellent way to destress and unwind after a busy day at the office. How does one go...

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How to remove pebbledash

Pebbledash is a dated design which many homeowners are looking to remove, yet often struggle to do so as it is not a straightforward task. If you’ve got pebbledash removal woes, then our guide should help you to remove or improve the look of your exterior walls. What is Pebbledash? Pebbledash was frequently used between...

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fence ownership


A guide to fence ownership and responsibilities

There can be times when an issue regarding the boundaries of your property may emerge. For example, who owns the fence that surrounds your property? Who is responsible for any maintenance, and what happens if sudden repairs are needed? These are all crucial questions, so it is a good idea to take a look at...

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Homeowner News

How to make a complaint: What should you do if you need to report a trader?

Here at Checkatrade, we pride ourselves on the high standards that each of our featured tradespeople vows to uphold. Each business on our site is vetted and reviewed to enable our customers the opportunity to find a reliable trader. However, any business can encounter problems and find that things may go wrong. What’s important is...

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Grow your business

Trade News

Building your business with Checkatrade

What is Checkatrade? Are you a trader looking to increase your client base? Are you seeking an excellent solution to your marketing needs to keep you busy all year round? Why not join Britain’s busiest network of tradespeople and consumers. With over one million customers visiting Checkatrade each month to find only the most excellent...

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Homewonwer with tradesperson

Trade News

Getting the right kind of work with Checkatrade

Here at Checkatrade, we pride ourselves on having built up a platform which is now used by thousands of tradespeople across the UK, to help them gather customers and improve their business profits, year on year. We are committed to ensuring that every tradesperson on our list has the skills, qualifications and desire to provide...

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Homeowner News

Getting those small jobs done around the home.

Whether we are hanging photos on a wall or fixing a leaky tap, at some point or another, we all dip our hands into the world of DIY no matter how small the job might be. Tackling these tasks can be tricky; they can often be far more complicated than they appear on the surface....

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