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Electric boiler cost guide

Thinking about replacing your boiler with something more energy efficient? Installing an electric boiler can be the ideal solution if you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to gas, with most units offering at least 99% efficiency. But how much does an electric boiler cost, and is it worth the investment?

Unlike gas, electric boilers use electricity to heat the water that is supplied to your taps, cylinders and radiators.  They’re usually more compact and cheaper to install than a gas boiler – not to mention being better for the environment.

If you’re planning to have your gas boiler replaced with an electric boiler, the following price guide will help you prepare your budget. We’ve also included some helpful tips to help you bring your energy bills down all year round.

Type of electric boilerPowerCost - Range LowCost - Range HighAverage UK Cost
Boiler without in-built cylinder12 kW£900£1,300£1,100
Boiler with in-built cylinder12 kW£1,500
Wall-mounted boiler with cylinder3-15 kW£1,750£2,000£1,875
Floor-standing boiler with cylinder with long warranty10-18 kW£2,350£4,500£3,425

Electric combi boiler cost

The average upfront cost for an electric combi boiler is £1,100. Though it isn’t the cheapest to run, electric boiler installation costs are lower than gas boilers.

Further, since electric boilers have fewer mechanical parts, much less maintenance is required and repairs are typically easier to complete.

For a gas boiler, you can expect to pay around £80 per year in servicing costs.  On a whole, homeowners opting for the electric option benefit from a reduction in servicing and repair bills, saving money in the long-term.

What is the cost to buy an electric boiler?

The upfront cost usually ranges between £700-£1500, although cost depends largely on factors such as type of boiler e.g. Wall mounted or floor standing. The total price will also depend on the power of the boiler and the warranty included with purchase. For example, an electric combi boiler without an in-built cylinder that functions at 12kw will cast an average of £1,100. Meanwhile, a 12kw boiler with unbuilt cylinder will be closer to £2,000 on average.

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Electric combi boiler running costsElectric combi boiler running costs

The average yearly cost of using an electric combi boiler is around £1,800. For a 210-litre Thermaflow model, the annual cost is £2,025 based on a total of 13,500 kWh at 15p per kWh.

Are electric boilers cost-effective?

While there’s no denying that electric boilers make for higher energy bills, there are plenty of tips that homeowners can take to reduce running costs. A solar pV system can allow you to convert solar energy into electricity, bringing the price of heating your home during the day to virtually zero. During the night, the use of a solar battery can further help in keeping those running costs down.

Electric boiler FAQs

How do electric combi boilers work?

Working as both a water heater and a central heating boiler, combi boilers can heat water directly from the mains when you turn on any hot tap or radiator in the system.

Electric combi boiler costHow much more expensive is an electric boiler?

It’s no secret that electric boilers are more expensive to run than their gas-fueled counterparts. Based on the UK average of £16.6p/KWh to run a 12 KW electric boiler at 70 hours a month, the total monthly cost is £139.44. Gas boilers typically average out at roughly £90 per month.

Of course, there are several ways to reduce your running costs such as using renewable energy to convert into electricity. Annual maintenance costs should also be factored into your decision, with gas coming out as the more costly of the two.

Are electric boilers any good?

Electric boilers are ideal for homeowners with properties that have no access to mains gas supply or those with gas boiler restrictions. They’re also compact in size, so can be fitted inside kitchen cabinets for ease. Above all, electricity is considerably cleaner than gas to run, since it doesn’t release any wasted gas into the atmosphere.

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