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Oil boiler service cost guide

Why service an oil boiler?

Most of us remember the shock we felt the first time we received a quote for the cost of a new boiler. And, that’s precisely why oil boiler servicing is so essential. It keeps your boiler in working order for longer, resolving smaller issues before they become bigger problems.

Along with reducing the risk of costly issues down the line, with the cost of an oil boiler service you also get assurance that your boiler is safe for continued use and that it isn’t releasing any lethal gases. Plus, you’ll be less likely to experience a breakdown (and run out of hot water and heating) in the Winter.

One extra consideration for owners of oil fired boilers, is that you have a tank of highly dangerous fuel on or near your property. In addition to boiler tests, the service will include checks of supply pipes and the oil tank to ensure compliance with regulations and that no water or other contaminants have entered the tank.

Lastly, several manufacturers have warranties that only remain valid if you have up-to-date servicing on your boiler. With boiler warranties ranging from 2 to 10 years, keeping your warranty in place will ensure you continue to receive free repairs, or even replacements, during the warranty period.

How much are oil boiler service costs?

Typical costsCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Oil boiler service cost£50 - £180£75
Monthly boiler cover cost£9 - £13 per month
Landlord safety certificates£75

We recommend that oil boiler servicing be done every 12 months by an OFTEC qualified engineer. The cost of an oil boiler service is typically between £50-£180, depending on the factors we have outlined below.

Oil boiler service costs can somewhat be offset by ensuring your boiler remains as energy efficient as possible, which will save you money on fuel costs. For example, a build-up of dust, soot or debris in the boiler can reduce efficiency, meaning more oil must be burnt to achieve the same level of heating. With regular servicing, this issue can be identified and resolved.

As we will explore below, you may also be entitled to free servicing as part of your boiler or home care cover.

Find an OFTEC registered engineer for oil boiler servicing

Oil fired boiler service costBoiler fuel types

Oil fired boilers: These boilers are essential for the four million homes in the UK that aren’t connected to gas mains. Rather than running on gas, an oil tank is fitted on site which is used to power the boiler. They’re just as efficient as gas boilers, with some condensing oil fired boilers able to achieve more than 90% efficiency.

Oil tanks are generally filled a few times a year, depending on the size of the home. Oil boiler service costs are slightly more than gas, due to this tank.

Gas boilers: For those with gas mains, the most popular choice is a gas boiler, powered by natural gas.

Unlike oil boilers, there is a constant supply of fuel through the gas mains, making these the easiest type of boiler to run. Similar to oil fired boilers, condensing boilers can achieve over 90% efficiency, with non-condensing models providing around 80% efficiency.

LPG: Another popular option for homes without gas mains is to install an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) boiler. As with oil boilers you’ll need to install a tank on your property and have periodic deliveries of new fuel to keep your boiler running. They are beginning to overtake oil boilers as they are cheaper to buy and produce less emissions. It is even possible to convert some oil boilers to run on LPG.

Factors affecting oil boiler service costs

  • Location: Some regions are more expensive than others so to get the best quote we recommend comparing costs in your local area.
  • Type of boiler: Oil and LPG fired boilers typically cost more to service than gas boilers as there are additional checks that need to be performed on the fuel tank and pipework.
  • Age and condition of boiler: Although older boilers can still be serviced, you may find that the manufacturer no longer provides replacement parts. This will increase the cost of any repairs – through finding alternate sources – or may mean the only resolution is to replace the boiler. If you do need a new oil boiler then consider our oil boiler cost guide.
  • Accessibility: Most modern boiler installations are in easy to reach places, however this has not always been a legal requirement. If your boiler is hard to reach or requires appliances to be moved, this may mean the service takes longer and therefore costs more.
  • Whether any repairs are necessary: If you are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty and are up-to-date on servicing then you typically won’t have to pay for replacement parts. Some service plans also include repairs. If this isn’t the case, then you may be faced with additional costs to fix any issues.

Average cost of oil boiler serviceBoiler cover cost

To spread the cost of boiler servicing you can purchase a monthly boiler cover plan. This will typically cover one annual service, repairs and a quick response if the boiler breaks down. It’s a good way to get extra peace of mind, although for older boilers it’s possible parts may not be covered or available.

Boiler cover costs around £9-£13 per month depending on the provider. Other plans are also available with gas, electrics, plumbing and other services covered for an additional cost.

Landlord safety certificate

Although there is technically no legal requirement for landlords to get oil fired equipment serviced you must ensure these appliances are serviced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. As most manufacturers would recommend an annual service, it’s highly recommended that landlords follow this schedule and have an annual OFTEC registered engineer perform a service.

By budgeting for annual oil fired boiler service costs you will ensure compliance, know that your tenants are safe and remove any future risk or insurance issues.

In addition, landlord safety certificates will still be required, and Gas Safety reports must be obtained for any gas appliances on the property. Landlord safety certificates cost around £75.

Can I service an oil boiler myself?

No, an oil boiler service must be conducted by a qualified professional, such as an OFTEC certified engineer. Not only will they be able to ensure everything has been done to the required standards, they will also provide the OFTEC CD/11 paperwork necessary to keep your boiler warranty.

To find a qualified oil boiler service specialist in your area and get a personalised oil fired boiler service cost use our free search feature.


What are the legal regulations for oil boiler servicing?

Whilst gas fired boilers must be checked by Gas Safe registered engineers, oil fired boilers should be serviced by OFTEC registered engineers. Unless you’re a landlord it’s not illegal to ignore boiler servicing, but there are still some legal risks. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, servicing can save you money on fuel costs, increase the safety of the home, and reduce the risk of boiler failure.

Am I eligible for a boiler service grant?

There are schemes across the UK that provide access to funds towards the cost of an oil boiler service. These include the Fuel Poverty Scheme in Wales, the Warm Home Scheme in Northern Ireland and grants from local Government and energy suppliers. We recommend you contact your local authority who can provide advice on the right grants for you.

Useful oil boiler service checklist

  • Oil fired boiler servicing costs can be partly offset through improved efficiency and reduced fuel use.
  • With older boilers you may incur extra costs for hard to find parts, or accessibility issues.
  • Consider buying boiler cover, or home cover, to spread the cost and get extra cover for parts.
  • Regular servicing keeps the warranty in place and is mandatory under some home care plans.

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Find an OFTEC registered engineer for oil boiler servicing


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