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Stiltz lift cost guide

If you have mobility difficulties, installing a home lift can make getting around your home a whole lot easier. Many people also decide to get a home lift with an eye on the future, to ensure they don’t have to move house if they experience mobility issues in later life.

Home lifts come in a few different varieties. For example, there are lifts that operate through hydraulic and non-hydraulic systems, as well as traction lifts.

One of the most popular home lift brands is Stiltz. These lifts use an innovative motor drive system which is compact and operates quietly, which makes Stiltz a good alternative to stairlifts and hydraulic lifts.

In this guide, we’ll look at the average Stiltz lift cost, including the factors to consider when budgeting for installation.

How much does a Stiltz home lift cost?

Prices for a Stiltz lift typically start from £15,000. The cost will depend on a number of different factors, starting with the type of lift you choose.

Home lift typePriceAverage
Stiltz Duo£15,000 - £18,000£16,500
Stiltz Trio£15,000 - £18,000£16,500

What else affects the Stiltz lift price?

Prices vary according to where you’d like the lift to be installed, the layout of your home and whether you require any extra building work to accommodate the lift.

Stiltz lift cost

When weighing up the costs of getting a Stiltz lift installed, consider the following issues that may affect the total price:

  • Installation and building work – if any key fixtures or fittings are in the way of the lift, this may require additional work and costs
  • The number of floors in your home
  • Access issues for the installation team
  • Customisation – you can add extra features to your Stiltz lift if required.

Another key factor is the configuration of lift you choose. Stiltz offers several different types, including lifts for stairwell voids/landings, sloping/vaulted ceilings, garages, cupboard-to-cupboard and more. a home lift installer on phone next to his van

With so many different things to think about, it’s important to arrange a site visit and a custom quote to get a final figure for your lift installation.

Advantages of Stiltz lifts

There are lots of different home lifts brands out there, so why choose Stiltz? Here are just a few of the reasons why this manufacturer is so popular:

  • Quiet, smooth operation (especially compared to stairlifts and hydraulic lifts)
  • Quick installation
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Self-contained drive system – the motor drive system sits within the roof space of the lift car
  • Plugs into an ordinary 13amp wall socket.

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Are there any maintenance costs with Stiltz home lifts?

You should get your Stiltz home lift serviced once a year. Any other repairs or issues should be covered under your comprehensive 12-month parts and labour warranty from Stiltz.

Do I need to pay for planning permission to have a home lift fitted?

Stiltz home lifts don’t usually require planning permission, only a standard building notice application which will be organised by Stiltz during the installation process.

How much energy do Stiltz home lifts use?

Stiltz lifts are powered by a standard 13 amp power socket, and the manufacturer claims they don’t use any more power than a microwave or kettle.

I’m thinking of getting a home lift installed – what do I do next?

You’ll need to contact Stiltz to arrange a full site survey, where your individual needs can be assessed and a personalised quotation provided.

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