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5 key considerations when tackling your bathroom renovation

April 8, 2019

That’s it, you’ve made the decision. The time has finally come to take on that bathroom renovation you have been dreaming about. But when remodeling a bathroom where to start?

Your bath or shower room should be a place of serenity and relaxation and renovating it deserves the right amount of care and attention to get it right for yourself, your family and even your visitors. After all, it is likely the first room you visit each morning and the last place you enter before retiring for the night. Similarly, while there are many rooms in the house your visitors will not see, it is highly likely they will enter the bathroom.

This doesn’t need to fill you with dread as renovating it can be easily achieved to the level you require. Here are five questions we recommend you ask yourself before tackling your renovation.

1) Why do I want a Bathroom Remodel?

Do you just want a change or does it need a complete renovation? Simple fixes such as freshening up the grouting around your tiles, making more of natural light with a floor-to-ceiling mirror, or installing additional storage space or vanity units could be enough to make a difference aesthetically and result in a successful bathroom remodel. Take it a step further and a modern walk-in power shower complete with on-trend tiles could help to completely transform a space.

Or is it that your bathroom is so badly in need of renovating it is no longer fit for purpose? If so, then that means the time has come to take the plunge for a complete bathroom renovation and you may even want to install underfloor heating and brand new sanitaryware.

2) Who will be using it?

It is important to consider frequency of use and your family’s requirements both now and into the future when planning what to install as part of your bathroom renovation. Maybe space is an issue and you want to get shot of your bathtub and replace it with a large, walk-in rain shower that would facilitate the entire family. But do think it all through before it’s too late and those days of a soak in the bath are long gone.

Accessibility is also an important consideration because you want your renovation to stand the test of time and still meet your requirements as you grow older. Tiles can be changed further down the line, but making your fixtures and fittings more accessible now will help future proof the new installation. At this point, it is important to consider the type of floor tile you install as it should be non-slip for increased safety.

3) How much will the bathroom renovation cost?

As with any home improvement project, the costs will vary depending on the extent of remodeling involved, if it is a large bathroom or a small bathroom and the quality of fittings you lust after. Research is important here – it is easy to get an idea of the costs of fixtures and fittings such as a new shower or floor tiles in advance with a few online searches. It is also advisable to visit showrooms for inspiration and to prioritise your list of desirables into ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’.

As well as the floor tiles and other materials, you must also consider the costs of the work that needs to be carried out. Our plumbing members will price a job based on the amount of work involved. It is advisable for a professional to visit your home to see the job firsthand and fully assess the amount of work that needs to be done. Neither you nor a plumber wants any nasty surprises down the line because a crucial part of the job such as access to underfloor pipes wasn’t considered at the initial quoting stage.

4) How long will the project take?

This is particularly important if it is the only bath or shower room in your house. You will need to have measures in place and be prepared to be without the facilities for a week or more. In today’s modern world we take our access to a bathroom for granted so there will be frustrations with not being able to use certain facilities at certain stages of the project. That gym membership you took out with all those good intentions at the start of the year might finally be put to good use!

Discuss the time frame in advance with your plumber and make sure you and anyone living in the home have full visibility of what will and won’t be available during different stages of the project.

5) What layout do I want?

Often, we have great ideas for a project to realise some of those dreams are not possible due to the positioning of drainage or pipe placement. For some projects it will be straightforward, but in many cases, particularly in older houses in the UK, a change in layout could also mean additional plumbing and possibly drainage is required. Be warned, these will significantly add to the bathroom renovation costs.

This is an exciting time and no doubt you will be delighted when your project is complete. But do remember, depending on the extent of the project, these can often be serious undertakings and deceptively tricky. Careful planning from the outset will help prevent costly mistakes and we always recommend you consult a professional tradesperson to get the renovation job done right, first time. Find your expert  today at

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