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Why choose bespoke under-stair storage for your home

January 24, 2020

Now we are well into winter you may be tiring of the constant clutter that seems to build up in our hallways at this time of year, particularly if you have a young family. The abundance of wellies, coats, bags, shoes, scooters, toys and general clutter can often have us embracing the obligatory spring clean rather than dreading it! This is the perfect time to consider fitting bespoke under-stair storage to streamline your hall and fill underutilised space with all the objects that are causing disorder in your home.

Storage space is something most houses lack and often comes at a premium. Building custom made storage will mean that you can utilise every inch of quirkily shaped space to completely repurpose that under-stair cupboard into something extremely useful, while adding value to your property too. Alternatively, if it’s a statement feature that you wish to create, a bespoke under-stair display is the perfect spot, as the stairs are often the first thing visiting guests will see when they enter your home.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions when it comes to bespoke under-stair storage:

showcase Form Creations built in solutions

What can under-stair storage be used for?

Well, we’ve already touched on coats, wellies, bags, shoes, scooters, bicycle helmets and toys, but have you ever considered turning it into office space? With clever designing, empty space under the stairs can make a great office or workstation. You may be surprised that you can actually fit a computer and desk under your stairs. It might be compact, but it’s a perfect space to concentrate when working from home. It also makes a great space for pets and all their added extras. Using under-stair storage for pet stuff is a genius way of preventing your kitchen units from getting overloaded and eating into your living space. If you’re a wine lover, maybe you want a space to store or feature your wine. Not only do under-stair wine racks provide ideal storage, but they also bring the wow factor to your collection. The beauty of bespoke storage is that whatever you need the space for, there will be a solution.

Do you get more space with built-in under-stair storage?

Absolutely yes. Bespoke under stair storage will mean you can make the most of the space you have and fill every nook and cranny with a design that perfectly fits the needs of you and your family.

Find your expert carpenter

How much does built-in under-stair storage cost?

This is dependent on the specifications of each project, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ price. However, as an example, London based joiners Form Creations recently quoted £2750.00 +VAT for this project specification, which is a popular under-stair storage design:

under stair storage design

under stair storage design detailed

under stair storage side view

How should I plan the design layout of the under-stair storage?

Well, this is one for you and your tradesperson to decide. The space you have available will largely dictate what your choice limitations are, i.e. if you have a narrow hall, and cannot accommodate cupboard doors that open outwards you will be restricted to another option. This could be pull-out cupboard/drawers. You may have objects that you have no choice but to work around or factor into your design, such as an electricity board or gas meter. The layout will also depend on what you want to use the storage space for which will be different for every household. Make sure you do your research and remember to ask the people you have coming to quote. They will have a lot more experience and knowledge at their fingertips and may suggest solutions and layouts that you hadn’t even considered.

Is under-stair storage a good investment?

Yes! Not only are they the perfect practical storage solution for your needs, but they will also repay you in the future. As we’ve already mentioned, buyers place a premium on good storage, so creating some will undoubtedly increase the value of your home.

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