Don’t sit on the fence, hire professional fence installers

September 17, 2019

There are many different types of fencing, and each requires varied skills to erect and ensure durability. We spoke to Checkatrade tradesman Wesley of IGS Fencing Limited about why it’s crucial to call in a professional fencer.

We spoke to Checkatrade tradesman Wesley of IGS Fencing Limited about why it’s important to call in a professional fencer. There are many different types of fencing and each requires varied skills to erect and ensure durability.

Why hire a professional fence installer?

Wesley explained to us that a professional would have the ability to source suitable quality materials which will increase the appearance and longevity of a customer’s new fence.
Not only that, but a specialist will be able to talk to you about the many different types of fencing and what will suit your needs and aesthetic desires too. From wooden and concrete posts, which both have advantages and disadvantages, to standard size fence panels and custom-built panelling.

A professional fence installer will not only provide you with reputable advice and service but will also make your life that much easier. As with most jobs, hiring in a tradesperson takes a very time consuming and complicated task off your hands and leaves you with the comfort and peace of mind that the job is being done right.

Wesley also explained to us that he had seen some unfortunate DIY disasters in his time; including finding a garden with the fence panels installed upside down, the posts not fitted into the ground properly and a gate that didn’t work. It might not always be evident that a mistake has been made during the fencing process. However, it will become apparent over time. Without experience, these mistakes may not be obvious at all.

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Fence installer’s top tips

When renovating a garden, get the fencing done first. Having new fences put in can be a messy job… equipment is needed, and it has the potential to impact on other parts of your garden.
You will also need to be aware of who is responsible for the garden fence. You are often able to find this from the deeds of your house, but there is nothing like talking to your immediate neighbours to discuss the nature of your project.
When choosing a fencer, pick somebody with excellent customer feedback. IGS Fencing Limited, for example, has over 700 reviews on their Checkatrade profile. Checkatrade independently verifies these reviews, and so you can be assured of the tradesman’s reputation before you invite them to start work in your home.

Only once you have taken this information into account are you then able to get comparison quotes, and as with any home job, the cheapest quote isn’t always the best quote

Before and after shots of new fence completed by IGS Fencing Limited professional installers

fencing installation before and after

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