Looking after your wooden floors

May 2, 2019

Wood floor care

Wooden floors – whether laminate or hardwood, wood is a brilliant choice of home flooring. It looks good, is hardwearing, and with our top tips, you can keep it at its best:

  • Sweep away the daily dirt. Dust and grime can quickly build up on a wooden floor. But by using a dustpan and brush or broom regularly, you can help keep the build up of dirt at bay.
  • Use felt protector pads. Using felt protection pads on your furniture will help keep your wooden floor free from marks. Don’t drag heavy objects across a wooden floor either, always get someone to help.
  • Mop till you drop. After you’ve swept or hoovered your space, make sure you clean your wooden floor with a microfibre mop and wooden floor cleaner. You can also keep a stash of wooden floor wipes to mop away any marks as they appear.
  • Don’t forget doormats. Having a doormat at the entry and exit of every door in your home help protect your floor.
  • Deal with spills. As soon as a spill happens on a wooden floor, don’t leave it to sink in. Wipe away or soak them up immediately to avoid long term damage.
  • Call in Checkatrade.com. If you don’t have the time to look after your floor, or you have a specialist wood which requires unique attention, make sure you call in your local Checkatrade expert. They’ll know what to do to keep your wood looking and feeling as good as new.

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