How to sell your home before Christmas

October 14, 2019

If you want to sell your home before Christmas, there is still time – just.

Prospective home-sellers will need to have their property on the market by Monday 21st October in order to sell their home before Christmas, according to a new study.

Data from estate agent comparison website estateagent4me offers insight into the time it takes to sell residential properties, with those listed in the late autumn generally proving slower to shift. Over the past four years, homes listed in October have taken an average of 61 days to sell. This means that homeowners who want a sale agreed this side of Christmas should be looking to list their house for sale by Monday 21st October at the latest.

On average since 2015, properties in the UK have stayed on the market for 51 to 70 days. Despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit negotiations, the data shows the average length of time to sell a property has remained relatively constant over the past 4 years. Overall the speed of the sale was slower in 2018 than in 2017 but was similar to 2016 and 2015 levels.

The New Year remains the best time to list your property for a speedy sale, with homes listed in January selling the fastest.

Commenting on the data, Paula Higgins, Chief Executive of HomeOwners Alliance, which runs the estateagent4me website, said: “If you’ve been waiting for certainty over Brexit before putting your home on the market to sell this year – unfortunately, time has run out. Deadline day for advertising your home if you want to sell before Christmas is 21 October. So it’s time to get a move on.  

“The first step is to find the best performing estate agent in your area – and a good starting point is estateagent4me, which ranks local agents by how rapidly they sell and how often they secure the asking price.”

The HomeOwners Alliance, a property advice website, has 6 tips for selling before Christmas

  1. Boost your home’s kerb appeal. Our recent survey found that 68% of buyers found kerb appeal to be important. The features that matter most to homebuyers are windows being in good condition and a roof that doesn’t need repair. For other important features and how to make attract buyers and sell for a top price, see our research on how to boost your homes kerb appeal:
  2. Make sure the price is right. Too high and you won’t get any viewings, too low and you’ll miss out on getting what your house is worth. You can check what houses in your area sold for using the Land Registry site
  3. Get your house ready for sale. As Brexit uncertainty hits an all-time high, only the best houses will sell. Make sure yours is looking top-notch. As the winter months approach, make sure your home does not look too dark – it is vital to let in light with lamps, candles and mirrors.
  4. Set up your solicitor. Instruct a conveyancing solicitor early and start pulling paperwork together now if you want to secure a quick sale.
  5. Optimise your viewings – let your estate agent take the lead and tackle any tricky questions, but listen in to make sure they’re putting your house in its best light. And do a final clean before any prospective buyers arrive.
  6. Choose the right buyer – you’re ideally looking for a chain free buyer who has evidence that they have their finances in place and will move quickly in organising a survey and a solicitor.

For more advice on getting a quick sale, visit

The average number of days properties listed in a particular month take to sell

Average time to sell by month 4 year average 2015 average time to sell


2016 average time to sell


2017 average time to sell


2018 average time to sell


January 57 61 51 57 59
February 60 63 54 60 62
March 62 64 58 62 64
April 61 62 58 61 64
May 62 62 59 60 67
June 61 62 63 58 61
July 61 61 64 57 62
August 61 62 63 56 62
September 61 62 65 55 62
October 61 63 67 55 58
November 62 63 70 55 58
December 62 63 68 56 60
Year average 61 62 62 58 62


Average time to sell is defined as the average time to reach a sale subject to contract.
The average time to sell in each month is determined by calculating an overall average of all of the agents’ average time to sell amongst those agents appearing in estateagent4me search results for a particular month (approximately 25,000 searches per month). The average time to sell measure for each agent is calculated using the time to reach sold subject to contract for all properties advertised by this agent on websites during the previous 180 days.

This data was compiled using estateagent4me: a free estate agent performance comparison tool available on the HomeOwners Alliance property advice website:

The complex statistical estateagent4me engine is fed daily with property data from thousands of estate agents to provide accurate comparison data. The engine looks at key stats about the agents, including:

  1. Their average success rate (how likely they are to sell a home) – this is determined by the percentage of all properties found advertised by this agent on websites during the last 180 days that were subsequently advertised as sold subject to contract.
  2. Whether they achieve the asking price – this is calculated by dividing the sold price (as recorded at HM Land Registry) by the initial advertised asking price averaged for a representative sample of properties found advertised by this agent on websites during the previous 180 days.
  3. How long, on average, it takes to sell a property – this is determined by calculating each agents’ average time to reach sold subject to contract for all properties advertised by this agent on websites during the previous 180 days.

This data is then backed up with publicly available data from the Land Registry.

For more information, see how the estateagent4me comparison tool works

Please contact Linsey Wynton at [email protected] or on 07801 523 013 or  Paula Higgins at [email protected] or on 07947 240 293

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