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Keep pests out of your home

July 4, 2019

Rodents and pests will invite themselves into your home all year and are always on the lookout for food and shelter, so take extra care to keep those pesky pests out of your home all year round.

Whatever the season rodents and pests don’t make good house guests.

pest control

Here are our top tips to keep your home free of pests:

  1. To prevent small rodents, wasps, bees and insects finding an entry point of your home seal any small gaps outside the property.
  2. Make sure bins are at a distance from windows and doors and out of direct sunlight. To reduce the smell, and attracting unwanted flies, wasps, rodents and birds.
  3. Regularly sweep kitchen floors and wipe down sides of any crumbs, so, you don’t invite an army of ants, rodents and cockroaches into your home.
  4. Tidy sheds or outdoor storage areas. If they are cluttered and untidy, rodents may use this as a warm, hidden shelter.
  5. If you use firewood, don’t bring it in unless you are going to use it quickly.
  6. keep pet food in sealed containers. If you leave pet food out overnight, this may entice rodents to steal food.
  7. Keep your loft clear where possible, placing items in robust storage boxes. Remember any unprotected materials make ideal bedding for rodents. Signs to look for which suggest you might have rodents in your loft are; droppings ripped material and damage wires.
  8. Keep compost bins sealed, and at a distance from your home, exposed compost can attract all sorts of pests.
  9. Empty standing water from birdbaths and secure lids on water butts, this can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and flies.
  10. Research alternative insecticides when trying to keep those pests out, try natural remedies where you can, like essential oils, these are unpleasant to pests.

Eliminating pests within your home can be challenging, but you can always contact a professional tradesperson.

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