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Raised patio ideas

April 23, 2020

A raised patio is perfect if you want to add an extra element to your outdoor space that’s functional and visually appealing. As well as adding interest to your garden layout, a raised patio is also low-cost and low maintenance.

Often used to create a dedicated recreational area or as a focal point in an outdoor space, you can create a raised patio from a range of different materials to get your desired look. To help you plan your patio, we’ve put together some ideas that might just be the inspiration you need to take your patio to the next level. Want to see the costs of getting a raised patio?  Then check out our patio cost guide.

Preparing your garden for a raised patio

If you want your raised patio to be well-designed and long-lasting, you need to plan. Firstly, consider where you want it to be located in your outdoor space. Do you want to walk straight out onto your raised patio, or have it as a focal point in the centre of your garden?

You also need to consider its size and what you intend to use it for. Once you have an idea of the style and type of patio you’re looking for, you can then contact a landscaping professional who can hone your ideas and bring them to life.

What materials can be used for a raised patio?

Concrete and flagstone

Concrete and flagstones are both popular choices for raised patios. They each offer a variety of options in style and colour.

Flagstones come in a range of natural material, such as sandstone and quartzite, while concrete provides complete flexibility of style and shape. With a concrete patio, you could opt for a smooth, brushed, patterned or scored finish, or you could paint or surface it with other materials.


Brick provides a timeless look that complements many architectural styles. Popular brick patterns for patios include herringbone and running bond, which offer a neat and classic look that can also be picked up on within pathways and walls.

Raised patio ideas


Similar to flagstone, you can also create a patio floor from cut stone, which is rectangular in shape and has a smooth surface. Perfect for a more formal-feeling outdoor dining space, consider materials such as slate, limestone and marble.

Stone raised patio


Floor tiles made of porcelain or terracotta are best left unglazed for patios. You can use decorative glazed tiles for accents and edges but think about where to place them as wet weather can make them slippery. You can also put sealers and coatings over outdoor tiles to prevent them from wear and tear over time.

Find a local paving company

How to create a raised patio on a budget

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still create a stylish raised patio to transform your outdoor space with wall blocks or wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets can be found at a low price and can also be stained depending on the finished look you want to achieve. Wall blocks are a great budget-friendly alternative too, as they require very little maintenance. You can have as many levels as you like.

How much does the average raised patio cost?

A raised patio can vary in cost, depending on the materials you choose to use, the size of the patio, the preparation required and of course, the labour itself.

For an average-sized garden, costs can range from £75 – £100 per square metre.

If you’re looking to create a raised patio in your garden, there’s no need to go it alone. Our Checkatrade search will help you find a trusted and professional tradesperson in your local area.

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