Why professional carpet cleaning?

June 5, 2018

Anyone that has attempted diy carpet cleaning in their home will know what a chore it can be and what disastrous problems can result! Even with the best intentions and enthusiastic Googling of the subject, carpets can easily be damaged and look worse than when you started, and you have probably spent money to achieve that! Carpet cleaning is a task that is best left to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a professional local carpet cleaning service and avoid headaches and expense!

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Professional equipment

Even if you decided to “do a proper job” and hired a machine from your local supermarket, you will have to part with money to cover the hire, deposit and cleaning fluid for the machine. The cleaning fluid is bought by the bottle and typical usage is a bottle per room, the price you pay soon adds up and you may not be saving as much money as you thought. These diy machines and products are bulky and typically well used and not regularly serviced. They are capable of reasonable results, but they are designed as a one size fits all approach to cleaning your carpets and do not adapt to suit the age, style, material and level of cleaning the carpet requires. These machines are underpowered when it comes to vacuum pressure, this means that your carpets will be over wet which can result in a variety of problems (more on this later).

Professional equipment cleans deep into the pile of the carpet, but the powerful vacuum removes the majority of the water immediately leaving the carpets dry in a fraction of the time and avoiding any damage from over wetting of the carpet. Most professionals will utilise a variety of machines, products and techniques to tailor make their service to the customers requirements and type of carpets.

Carpet material & construction

Carpets are constructed from a variety of different natural (eg. wool, cotton, sisal) and synthetic materials (eg. nylon & polypropylene) using different techniques (eg. tufted, woven, looped). Each carpet can react in a variety of ways to the cleaning process sometimes causing irreparable damage. Professionals are trained to identify different materials and methods used to produce carpets and how to clean correctly in order to get the best results without any risk of damage.

Stain removal

When accidents happen in the home, most householders will reach to whatever cleaning product they have in the cupboard without much thought and scrub the carpet to an inch of its life. Carpets generally should never be scrubbed in this fashion as it damages the pile noticeably and can not be repaired. Whatever product you use is then left in the carpet indefinately until it is extracted using a carpet cleaning machine. Professional carpet cleaners will use a product suitable for the type of carpet and the source of the stain before thoroughly rinsing the carpet. Using a professional to remove stains avoids the stress and will keep your carpets looking better for longer, saving you money in the long run.

Over wetting the carpet

Using too much water on a carpet can cause expansion and then shrinking as the carpet dries. This can leave the carpet sagging in places and out of shape which cannot be repaired. Older carpet and rugs from certain part of the world have a natural plant based backing, this backing when wet can cause the whole carpet go brown from a process called “cellulosic browning” where the colour of the plant material wicks onto the rest of carpet fibres making them go brown! Wet carpets take longer to dry leaving the room unusable and smelling bad.

Professional equipment and techniques minimise the moisture in the carpet, removing the water with powerful vacuums before it has a chance to do any expensive damage to your carpets.

Premier Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company based in the Stevenage area of Hertfordshire. They provide carpet & upholstery cleaning to both domestic and commercial customers. Please visit them on Checkatrade for free quotations & advice on the cleaning of your carpets & upholstery.

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