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Double glazing grants: Get your home toasty for winter

September 24, 2020

Those who search for double glazing grants will find themselves transferred to the Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme. That’s when things get confusing. Working out your eligibility requirements, how to apply and what you’re entitled to can feel a little complicated.

However, fear not! We’ve put together everything you need to know about double glazing grants and the funding available to you. Use this resource to help you make sense of the mire and get toasty in time for winter.

The Green Homes Grant

double glazing grants for greener homesTo meet their sustainable development goals by 2030, our Government has introduced the Green Homes Grant, which covers funding for up to £10k on a range of primary insulation or low carbon heating improvements. As a result, if you install one of these primary measures, you’re eligible for a secondary measure, such as double or secondary glazing.

Although these improvements are a fantastic contribution to the Government’s energy-saving commitments, there are lots of ways to improve your carbon footprint and live a greener life. Check out our green home ideas for some eco-friendly inspiration.

Double glazing grants

The UK holds single-paned windows in high esteem. Often cited for their historical significance and craftsmanship, replacing the traditional glazing is a sensitive business that affects the entire aesthetic of a home.

However, with the industrial revolution introducing densely populated areas, windows needed an architectural upgrade. Fast forward to 2020, and they’re one of the most essential elements when it comes to your home’s:

  • Exterior aesthetic
  • Thermal envelope
  • Light density
  • Noise management
  • Natural ventilation

So, despite the historical improvements in single glazing since the 16th century, the benefits of double glazing are still worth the investment. That’s why it’s worth knowing the types available on the market and the differences between them.

  • Double glazing: Two panes of insulating glass are fitted to provide extra protection from the cold and reduce external noise. The glass panes are separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space, which aid insulation and reduce heat loss.
  • Secondary glazing: The cheapest option on the market, it’s also suitable for grade listed buildings that aren’t allowed double-glazing. A second pane of glass is added to the inside of your existing windows for extra insulation.
  • Triple glazing: Exactly the same as secondary, except with three panes of glass and two pockets of gas instead of one. It’s the most expensive but effective type of glazing available on the market.

Under the Green Homes Grant, homeowners are only eligible for double or secondary glazing. However, to qualify, you need to install a primary upgrade first.

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Benefits of home insulation

Double glazing grants for insulationWith improvements in double glazing technology, there are various types on the market to suit almost any home’s aesthetic. There are even decorative options, with patterns and textures that create a unique look to suit any taste or style.

Some popular examples of windows that benefit from double glazing include:

  • Wooden casement windows
  • Single-hung sash windows
  • Curved bay windows
  • Energy-efficient UPVC windows
  • Tilt and turn timber windows
  • Jewelled or bevelled glass windows

green home grant insulationOnce you’ve chosen your aesthetic, you’ll reap benefits such as:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • A quieter home
  • Extra security
  • Reduced internal condensation
  • Added property value
  • An improved aesthetic
  • Easier window maintenance
  • Eco-friendly credentials

Average cost of house insulation grants

The Green Homes Grant will cover the cost of double or secondary glazing up to the amount of £10k. Depending on the type of windows you have, the average cost of 8 – 20 windows and doors is anywhere between £4,000 to £8,000k.

As qualifying for this upgrade under the Green Homes Grant requires you to install a primary measure first, we suggest you plan what you need and prioritise accordingly. For example, if you pick a primary improvement such as solar thermal panels, then you can apply for double glazing too. However, the total needs to add up to no more than £10k. Otherwise, you’ll need to cover the deficit yourself.

Check out our double glazing cost guide for a comprehensive look into the average price of all types of glazing.


  • How do I find out if I’m eligible for double glazing?

Head over to the GOV.UK website for a comprehensive overview of your eligibility, the latest guidance, how much your voucher is worth and where to apply for funding.

  • Can I get double glazing on my listed house?

Most grade-listed properties don’t qualify for double-glazing. However, be sure to check with your local authority, who will be able to confirm. If you’re not eligible for double-glazing, you might still be able to install secondary glazing, which is an effective and cheaper alternative.

  • Can I get a grant for new double glazing, even if I already have some?

Sadly, you can’t use the Green Homes voucher to replace existing insulation or low carbon heat measures.

  • Does the Green Homes Grant cover new windows too?

You are only eligible for a voucher on new windows and doors if you’re looking to upgrade your single glazed property.

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