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Garage storage ideas: Declutter your garage with our expert tips

January 31, 2020

A garage is a great addition to any property – providing plenty of extra storage space for garden tools and household items, a place to tuck your car in at night or even room for an office or at-home gym.

But all too often, a garage becomes a dumping ground for everything in the home that you’re not quite sure where to put.

garage declutter wall mount

The good news is, with a bit of decluttering and some innovative storage solutions, you can transform your garage into a useable, practical and valuable space. Resisting the temptation to leave the garage out of your room by room spring clean can create space you never knew you had.

If you’re the proud owner of a messy garage, here’s our guide to getting it organised and working for you.

Declutter your garage

First things first, if you want to organise your garage, you need to declutter and remove anything that doesn’t need to be stored in there. This will leave you with just the items that do belong in the garage, so you know exactly what you need to accommodate in your new storage space.

Split everything you find into four different piles – keep, donate, sell and bin. And remember to be strict with yourself, do you really need those mostly-empty tins of paint from eight years ago?

Clean your garage

Once you’ve cleared everything out, the next step is to give the garage a good spring clean. You’ll need a clean and tidy blank canvas in order to start creating organised garage storage spaces. Yes, it can be a tiresome task but trust us, it will be well worth it.

What’s the best way to organise a garage?

Now everything is clear and tidy; you can really see the garage space you’ve got to work with. It’s time to think about the most efficient way to store everything that belongs in the garage, without the distraction of things that don’t.

Storage space is at a premium in most houses, which is probably how you’ve ended up with a cluttered garage in the first place! So, installing practical and well-planned storage solutions in your garage will help to enhance all areas of your home.

Here are some of our favourite garage storage ideas:

Floor to ceiling garage shelving

Garages typically offer a lot of vertical space. Floor to ceiling storage is a great way to maximise the available space in your garage and get everything up off the floor and neatly out of the way.

This will allow you to take the shelving up as high as you want to, as opposed to shelves that sit on the floor and can only extend so high.
An open shelving system, built from moveable brackets on fixed runners, will allow you to see everything easily and also integrate different types of storage, including hooks, shelves, baskets and more.
Metal shelving is a great option for a garage as it’s strong, durable and sturdy enough to support bulkier items.

Shelving units

If you can’t attach shelving to the walls of your garage; if they’re built from concrete blocks, or you’re renting and don’t want to leave your lovingly-built storage behind, for example, freestanding shelving units provide a great alternative.
While metal shelving units are typically more expensive, if you can afford the initial investment, they will take more weight and won’t warp over time.

Pegboard walls

Pegboards are one of the most versatile garage storage solutions around, and they look great too. Add hooks, pegs and small shelves to store smaller belongings and lighter items.
Top tip – install a pegboard at eye level and use hooks to hang your brushes, mops and other cleaning apparatus. This way, they’re out of the way but within easy reach when you need them.

Find your local handy person

Cabinets and worktops

If you use your garage as a workspace, cabinets with worktops can be a really efficient garage storage solution. Worktops will provide the space you need to carry out your tasks, while kitchen style cabinets above and below will offer extra storage. You could even integrate a sink for washing your hands, tools and paintbrushes.

Tool racks

The garage is the perfect place to store household and garden tools. So why not attach tool racks to the walls? This will allow you to keep your tools safe, organised and ready and waiting for when you need them.

If you have a lot of tools or ones you don’t use too frequently, try organising them by type – one for plumbing tools, one for electrical supplies, etc. It’s also worth investing in divided containers for screws, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for next time you embark on a DIY project!

Overhead storage

If you intend to use the floor space in your garage to park your car or to exercise, you’ll need to look for garage storage solutions that make the most of the rest of the space – including the ceiling. Overhead racks can be suspended from the ceiling and used to store items you don’t need to access very often.

Of course, if you own your property and you have the overhead space, you could go a step further and invest in a professionally-built mezzanine storage platform or storage boxes attached to roof rafters or joists. We spoke to Colin, handyman at Handyman Hero, for his advice:

“Purpose-built garage storage solutions are as diverse as garages themselves – the space itself determines what the best type of storage would be. A garage with an apex cut or truss roof could offer the room for a fully-boarded extra floor, but even lower ceilings may be able to accommodate hanging storage under the roof or box storage attached to the rafters. Obviously, weight overhead is an issue, so it’s always advisable to get the help of a professional with purpose-built garage roof storage. They will be able to evaluate the space and suggest the most practical solutions, as well as ensuring any overhead storage is safe and secure.”

How can I keep my garage tidy?

Once you’re happy with your new garage set up, try to keep it clean, tidy and organised. Keep everything in its allocated space and make sure you give the area a quick tidy from time to time.

Zoning your garage into storage areas for different types of items can really help with this, as well as making it far easier to find what you’re looking for. So, for example, designate a zone for garden items, one for tools, one for bikes, and so on.

If you’re looking to organise your garage, we’d always recommend calling in the professionals, particularly if you’re considering bespoke garage shelving or storage solutions. Find a professional tradesperson here. Of course, the garage is just one room in the house that may be in need of some spring cleaning TLC. If you need some tips on how to tackle tidying and organising the other spaces in your home, watch this space for other articles in our new room by room spring cleaning series. Don’t forget we have some new “how to videos” on decluttering your garage coming soon, so watch out for them.

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