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Getting those small jobs done around the home.

February 7, 2020

Whether we are hanging photos on a wall or fixing a leaky tap, at some point or another, we all dip our hands into the world of DIY no matter how small the job might be. Tackling these tasks can be tricky; they can often be far more complicated than they appear on the surface. It’s essential to understand the risks involved with any of the jobs that you complete, to avoid any issues further down the line.

Get Some Expert Advice

We spoke to Chris of Property Maintenance and Repairs to get his insight on some of the most common jobs that are usually carried out around the home:

Putting screws into walls

Whether you are looking to hang a photo on a wall or are putting a cabinet up, there are many concerns to take into consideration. Although it may look like you are putting a screw into a plain wall, the reality is that underneath all of that, there are likely to be a wide range of other things to take into account. Whether this is the wiring going through your property, or a pipe for either your gas or water, there are so many things in our walls that are hidden beneath the surface. Poking holes to hang things can quite quickly turn into a costly disaster. These situations can also quickly become dangerous, say if you were to knock into and damage a gas pipe – this could cause a leak which you may not even be aware of at first.

A professional tradesperson will have a device which will scan your wall for any metal, whether this is in the form of pipes or wires. This device will allow them to show you where they can safely be screwed or drilled into, to avoid any costly damage. It’s crucial that you take precautions and speak to a professional to prevent this sort of scenario from occurring.

Common Plumbing Issues

There are many seemingly minor plumbing jobs around the home which homeowners regularly tackle themselves, without taking a second to think about the potential consequences.

Changing washers on pipes

Washers and O-rings play an important role in plumbing, to prevent water from leaking out. Whether this is on a toilet, tap or other appliance, they must be fitted correctly. Often when homeowners who are uncertain put new washers on their appliances, they will find that they struggle to get them tightened correctly. Too loose and you will find yourself with a flooded home, too tight and they may snap under the pressure, which could also leave you underwater. A professional plumber will know how to make sure that they are well fitted to suit your needs.

small jobs around the home

Sealing threads

One step of the process when connecting metal pipes which are often overlooked by homeowners is the importance of using PTFE tape. This is a water-repelling tape which can help to prevent leaks. When connecting pipes, it’s important to apply the tape to male threads. It must be applied in a particular way to work effectively. Forgetting to use, or misusing, PTFE tape can cause all kinds of problems by flooding your property and causing a lot of damage. It’s vital not to overlook this part of the process, and you should always seek expert advice.


Kitchen Fitting Concerns

Fitting a new kitchen is something many of us attempt to do on a budget, and although it is possible to update your kitchen affordably, certain aspects of the installation must not be carried out by anyone who is unsure of what they are doing. Although this may save you costs initially, it could cause endless problems further down the line.

Installing a gas cooker

Installing a gas cooker is something which must be done by a qualified expert. The risks associated with having a gas leak in your home are serious and can even be fatal. It’s absolutely essential that when a gas cooker is connected that it is done so by a gas safe qualified technician, not just a property maintenance team. A gas safe technician will be able to ensure that the job is carried out in a safe manner.

Worktops, cabinets and cupboards

Installing the units in your kitchen can be tricky. It requires a lot of thought and planning to ensure that everything is going to fit in the right places. It’s also vital to make sure that everything is aligned, as nobody wants wonky cabinets or a sloping worktop. There are many tools you can use for the job, such as a spirit level, to make sure that your cabinets are level. It may be simpler, however, to call in a professional to help get the job done right the first time.

Find a local handy person

Repairing leaks in ceilings

If you notice a damp patch on your ceiling, this is a sure sign that a leak has sprung from somewhere. Although you might be tempted just to patch up the visible damage, it’s important to investigate further to assess where the damage originated from. A qualified professional will be able to identify the cause of the leak and help you to prevent it from causing any further damage.

Seeking professional advice

Regardless of the task at hand, if you are unsure of how to tackle it, then it would always be best to seek the advice of a professional tradesperson. Most reliable tradespeople will be happy to assist you over the phone and to advise you on the next steps you should take. Remember, not everything is as it appears to be on the surface, and sometimes those DIY jobs you attempt without the right prior knowledge could be the cause of a more significant repair job in the future.

To find a reliable local tradesperson in your area, take a look here. All of our tradespeople are vetted and reviewed so that you can rest assured that they will provide you with an excellent quality service.

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