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Trade Members Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

We encourage all of our members’ customers to share their experience with us.

In the rare event that a customer has a complaint about a Checkatrade member, they are directed to the complaints policy below. More information about resolving issues can be found Here

Checkatrade Complaints Policy

To initiate our Complaints process, click here to leave your review

  • We publish negative reviews and give the trade a chance to put serious complaints right and allow 7 days for this. We have found that this usually results in a much better outcome for you​
  • For serious complaints after 7 days your review is published. All trades are given the opportunity to respond to reviews with a Right of Reply which is published alongside your review​
  • We are unable to publish anonymous reviews due to notifying our members of any reviews received as detailed above. In the event that you wish to remain anonymous to our member we do still encourage you to notify us of your experience to ensure we can monitor how trades are conducting themselves and their business​
  • We may request documentation in order to assist us further. This could be quotes/invoices, a contract or proof of payment as well as any pictures and reports. Exchanges between both parties are useful as we can act on what we receive.​
  • Issues should be raised within 24 months of the work being undertaken (unless a guarantee or warranty is in place)​
  • Please refer to our ‘Terms of Use’ for our guide on uploading content to the Checkatrade website​
  • Once a satisfactory resolution is reached you may choose to continue to publish your original review or alternatively you can withdraw your comments by notifying us