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Adding a spark with training

May 29, 2019

Checkatrade professional ElectricianHave you ever considered training in another skill to complement your plumbing and heating work? Our latest blog looks at why taking an electrical qualification, is something worth considering.

Would an electrical qualification benefit me?

Many installers will work on a central heating, bathroom or kitchen project, where electrics are involved, whether that’s ventilation, an electric shower or even lighting. Whereas the default may be to sub this work out to an electrician, there are a wide variety of electrical courses available, which could enable you to take on these types of jobs yourself. The time you invest in training should soon see a return, in the higher margins you’ll earn on future work.

How would I go about it?

A good option is to undertake an intensive training course that delivers all you need to know on the subject in a short timeframe. For example, Trade Skills 4U offers a range of electrical training courses from which you will gain City & Guilds qualifications that allow you to carry out a full range of domestic electrical installations. The courses on offer include the standard domestic installer package as well as ones with additional content for those looking to also specialise in solar PV or commercial installations. What’s more Checkatrade members get 10% of any Trade Skills 4U course.

To advertise your services as an electrician in the UK it’s essential to have an industry-recognised Level 3 qualification, such as an NVQ Level 3. Undertaking an intensive training course, like Trade Skills 4U’s domestic installer package will get you to this level in the shortest possible timeframe. These shorter courses allow installers to learn new skills around their current work commitments and are making the process of retraining easier than ever before. What’s more, the costs associated with undertaking the training is often offset by the potential of increased future earnings due to offering a wider service to customers.

Grow your business

Exclusive 10% discount on Trade Skills 4U Courses for Checkatrade Members

What are the benefits of this course?

Speaking on the benefits of its electrician training, Noah Saks, Sales Manager at Trade Skills 4U commented: “Increasingly, we find other trades who want to learn the basics about being an electrician. Whether you’re looking to add a further string to your bow or are interested in making a complete career change there are a number of reasons as to why adding an electrical qualification will make you a more profitable tradesperson.”

There are a number of reasons why you might consider adding some electrical training to your existing skillset, especially if you’re a plumbing or heating engineer. By learning the skills, not only are you reducing your reliance on external subcontractors but are able to offer customers a more comprehensive service. What’s more, you can ensure that work is completed to your own high-standards, without compromise from an outside party.

For more information about Trade Skills 4U, please visit:

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