Getting a Little Tradehelp

May 7, 2019

Getting a Little Tradehelp through our partner TradeHelp’s useful app

Plumbing and heating members have access to a range of benefits, including being able to arrange finance for customers. With this in mind, we look at the top five reasons why having the facility to offer credit can be a great way to win more business.

Offer more flexibility

Having access to different payment options offers customers a genuine choice and helps them to feel more in control of the renovation process. It can also help set the basis for a more harmonious relationship between client and contractor, with projects appearing more reasonable and affordable.

Help more customers say ‘YES’

The ability to ‘buy now, pay later’ can make a huge difference when deciding whether to proceed with a project. Being able to spread costs out over time helps to make dream projects like a bathroom renovation, or a kitchen upgrade far more affordable. This helps to take the sting out a new project and helps to make projects more affordable.

Avoid discounts

Being able to offer finance gives customers another reason to choose you that doesn’t relate to the price – and can become part of a negotiation that leaves your margins unaffected.

Grow your business

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Upselling to big jobs

Offering customers deferred payment options helps to unlock more ways to win business, most notably through upselling. Finance packages help to make projects more affordable, meaning customers are more inclined to specify higher value items for their projects. Often, customers will have only been put off these items initially because of their price. As such, access to credit can make all the difference and help boost your margins.

Stand out from the competition

Financing is a great way to stand out from the crowd and helps to differentiate you from the competition. This can be particularly useful when customers are comparing estimates from a number of businesses. Being able to pay through finance might be the deciding factor for a customer.

With TradeHelp, you’re able to secure more business without having to offer huge discounts. Giving customers access to finance options helps to put more cash in their project, which can unlock a number of ways to win more business. The application offers a number of additional features, which can help to run your business more smoothly. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s time to download the app and see if it can win you more business this year.

For more information about TradeHelp and to download the app, please visit:

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