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Keeping your van safe

June 26, 2019

Tool theft has been an issue that the construction industry has struggled with for many years. In fact, research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) found that over half of British builders alone have fallen victim to the crime. It’s an increase of two-thirds since 2015 and means that tool theft has now accounted for one in seven crimes during the last decade. In this article we discuss what tradespeople can do to keep their vans as safe as possible.

Fit additional locks

Criminals have developed techniques to get around the locks fitted on vans as standard. These locks can be easily manipulated with the use of a wrench or pliers. That’s why it’s wise to add some additional locks to your van to give yourself extra protection.

Fitting an additional locking solution, such as a deadlock, helps to overcome the shortcomings of a standard van lock. Tradespeople with deadlocks can leave them off during the day to retain the standard operation of the vehicle. After that, you can fit the deadlock overnight, or when the van is in a less secure area to provide additional security. Working with a van locking specialist will help to ensure that the installation is completed in a safe and secure manner.

Many van locks can be manipulated with the use of a wrench or pliers

Raise the alarm

All vans are fitted with an alarm as standard, but these systems don’t provide enough protection against modern-day tool thieves. Therefore, it’s important to fit an upgraded alarm system that is rated at least Thatcham Category 2. Devices rated as Thatcham Category 2 are complete with an alarm and an immobiliser. Immobilisers will stop a vehicle from starting should the wrong key be used. What’s more, fitting an immobiliser can help lower your van’s insurance premiums and helps save you money.

Over half of British builders alone have fallen victim to tool theft


When it comes to upgrading van security solutions, many tradespeople look to make improvements to the outside of the vehicle. However, it’s often more advisable for construction professionals to add new security measures inside the van. One particular approach is to install an internal security camera. Whilst a camera doesn’t make it harder for people to get in the van, it can help to capture a face on tape and makes it far easier to identify the criminal if the worst should happen.

Skilled Tradespeople get your business started

Find the right spot

A significant risk factor with van security is deciding where to park your vehicle. It goes without saying, but some areas are less secure than others and should be avoided. When deciding on a location to park your van, consider if the area is well lit, or whether it’s covered by CCTV. If possible, park your van against a wall so that the doors have additional protection. Even at home, you can further improve security by installing a camera, or motion detected security lights, which add another layer of protection.

Britain has a major tool theft problem, which doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It’s very clear that criminals have found ways around standard van security solutions and feel confident in robbing such vehicles. By following the steps set out in this blog, those in the trade can begin to start the fight back and protect their businesses from despicable crooks.

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