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What jobs homeowners want done in June – Trade business insights

Want to know what homeowners are thinking? What trades and projects are likely to see an increase in demand in June? In this post, we'll not only share our business insight data with you, but we'll show you how to use it to your advantage too.

How demand data can benefit your trades business

This article is part of a series of blog posts that uses historical search data to give you invaluable insight into the jobs homeowners might be looking for each month.

The data we’re about to share with you allows you to forecast the demand you could see for your trades business during the month of June.

Forecasting allows you to plan ahead and prepare for the resourcing you’ll need in order to satisfy demand.

Data from the #1 trade directory

The data is based on homeowner searches on the Checkatrade website during the past couple of years. So the figures are an average for the month.

While the data won’t be identical year-on-year, it gives a strong indication of the trends we can expect to see throughout 2023.

As the saying goes, with knowledge comes great power. Keep reading to learn exactly how to use this knowledge to your competitive advantage through the power of our flexible membership option alongside a range of simple tips to cash in on this data.

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Which trades could see an uplift in homeowner demand in June?

We’ve crunched through the data and have categorised it to show what tradespeople and which projects homeowners have previously searched for at this time of year.

Let’s have a look at who could be rushed off their feet during June.

Checkatrade stats showing the jobs homeowners may want in the month of June.

Based on data from homeowner searches on the Checkatrade website in June ’22*, we predict the following trades could experience an increase in demand for their services in June ’23.

  • Builder – 154k monthly searches*
  • Plumber – 105k monthly searches*
  • Roofer – 89k monthly searches*
  • Electrician – 85k searches*
  • Painter/decorator – 70k searches*

Note: These are average searches in the month of June in the previous year (2022).

While there’s no guarantee we’ll see the same or similar data this year, we can guarantee that using data to make future predictions is wholly more reliable than using a crystal ball.

Is this your trade?

We’ve been able to drill down into the historical search data to share a little more insight with you:

  • Searches for builders centred around extensions/conversions, general building, and loft conversions
  • Searches for plumbers were largely for radiator installation, emergency plumbing services, and general plumbing
  • Ridged tile installation was an incredibly popular search within roofing for homeowners in June ’22 (vs. May ’22), closely followed by slater roof installation, flat roofing, and chimney installation
  • Electricians might be keen to know that homeowners were looking for LED lighting, EICR, and house rewiring this time last year
  • And painter/decorators saw greater demand for exterior painting in addition to interior jobs and wallpapering

If your business is in one of these trades, keep reading to learn how to cash in on this predicted increase in homeowner demand during June.

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What projects do homeowners look for in June?

We know which trades are likely to be busier in June, but what type of work might tradespeople be called upon for?

Again, dipping into our vast bank of business insight data, we can reveal the following projects saw an increase in demand (%) month-on-month between May ’22 and June ’22.

We can use this as a guide to predict what jobs homeowners could be contacting you for in June 2023.

Painting and decorating – up 77%**

Many homeowners see this time of year as the ideal opportunity to spruce up their interior.

For some people, a fresh lick of paint can help to smarten the place up before putting their home on the market.

And for those staying put, the bright sunlight brings everything into sharp focus, highlighting the areas that need a bit of TLC.

General painting/decorating was the most popular search within this category (a 74% increase month-on-month from May to June last year), followed by wallpapering (13%), and exterior painting (12%).

Checkatrade painter decorator at work

Grass cutting – up 22%**

Grass cutting was a popular search category on Checkatrade last month too, as homeowners strive to keep their gardens in good shape now that summer’s here.

Are you a gardener? Here’s what you need to do to make the most of this increase in search for your services:

  • Not yet a Checkatrade member? Click on the button below to start our checks to become an Approved member
  • Already a Checkatrade member? Log in and give your Checkatrade profile a spruce up to create a good first impression. Adding photos and reviews from previous jobs will showcase your skills to potential new customers
  • Want to receive a greater volume of this homeowner search for your business? As a Checkatrade member, flex up your membership during this busy spell to help fill your diary with work

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Pest/vermin control – up 6.71%**

While the warmer weather draws many of us outside, it’s also the time for hibernating pests to become more active too.

Wasp nest removal was the most searched for category within pest/vermin control, with an 85% increase between May and June last year.

To capitalise on the potential uplift in demand this year, here’s what you need to do:

Checkatrade pest vermin control specialist

Air conditioning – up 2.27%**

It’s a busy time of year for air conditioning businesses, as searches increased again month-on-month, having also seen an increase in the previous month. Specific searches include:

  • Servicing (22% increase)
  • Repair (17% increase)
  • Installation (12% increase)

Demonstrate your expertise in this arena to help increase the number of leads your air conditioning business receives:

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Tips for using demand data to your advantage

Whether you’re a Checkatrade member or not, we have plenty of tips for making the most of this demand data.

The most important thing is to act now. Based on last year’s data, there’s a good chance there’s increased customer demand for your services, so now’s the time to position your business front and centre.

Already a Checkatrade member?

Remember, you can flex up your membership to receive more leads if you wish.

Take a look at our guide to flexible Checkatrade membership to find out more.

Not yet a Checkatrade member?

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A Checkatrade membership is much more than a listing in our leading trade directory:

  • Pay less for business essentials. Why pay more for your business essentials when you can get exclusive discounts through your Checkatrade membership?
  • Benefit from free marketing materials to help promote your services and generate new business
  • Stand out from the competition. 8 out of 10 people would choose a trade endorsed by Checkatrade, compared to one which isn’t*** Gain instant credibility from our trusted tick
  • Work smarter, not harder. Get more done in less time by using our handy app. Free as part of your membership

Please note: The data referenced in this piece is historical data. We cannot guarantee that we’ll see the same or similar data this year. Joining or flexing up your membership is at your own risk.

*Comparing average search data on checkatrade.com in 2022 vs the previous month or year (2021)

**Increase in average searches on checkatrade.com in the month of June 2022 vs May 2022

***Claims are sourced from a survey conducted by Deep Blue Thinking on a nationally representative UK sample in November 2021

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