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What is Quality Score and how does it work?

February 18, 2020

Google’s Quality Score for an Ads landing page is an important metric to look at when optimising your campaigns & Ad groups. The Quality Score of a page is made up of a few different factors, the biggest of which is; relevancy.

Relevancy is how relevant the landing page is to the Ad and Ad copy. We’ve touched on this a little bit before. If your keyword is Expert Window Installation, your Ad Copy & Landing Page must also be relevant to this keyword to perform at it’s best, it also helps to reduce the amount you spend on every click, and that quickly adds up.

It’s essential that you don’t just spam the keyword within the copy on the landing page, but make it relevant & useful. Talk about the added value your company brings to the product/service. For Window Experts, we might say something along the long the lines of:

At Window Experts, we believe the quality of materials we provide, and the overall professional finish of our window installations is the reason why we have a 10/10 on Checkatrade. We also place importance on the cleanliness and minimal effect on your day to day life while we perform your new window installation.

You should also talk about your process and timelines.

Once we receive your request, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with an initial quote based on the information you provide, and we’ll arrange a home visit around your availability. Once that is complete, we can provide the final free, no-obligation quote for our expert window installation.

The quote will include; the price, including all labour, materials, and windows, a detailed timeline of how long it will take us to complete your window installation, and any additional information. In total, your new windows could be installed by our experts, from start to finish within 2 weeks. Ready to get your project started?

Additional information may be required based on what keywords you’re using. If you use locations within your ad groups, you’ll need to include location-based information within your landing page copy. Keywords that include the words cost or price, you might want to include an ‘average’ of your cost within the landing page, although this might help improve conversion rates on all landing pages if it’s a good leading figure!

One other thing that determines your Quality Score if the mobile optimisation of the landing page. If your page is slow, clunky and doesn’t work well on mobile, you’ll be left with a low score. You will need a lightweight design, that can load quickly and looks good on both mobile & desktop. This is incredibly important if you’re trying to get sales or enquiries from mobile users.

Your Ad Click Through Rate also counts towards your Quality Score, the theory being, the more people that click it, the better it is. Your CTR (Click Through Rate) is calculated by the number of Impressions, the people that see the ad, divided by the number of clicks you receive. 100 impressions and 10 clicks equals a 10% CTR.

The CTR of previous Ads also influences the Quality Score of future Ads. So it is vital that you try and get the best possible CTR on your Ads by testing the copy, display URL, headlines etc. The Search Volume of keywords will also play a factor in CTR. High Search Volume keywords on broad topics such as ‘Windows’ may drive thousands of impressions. Still, it’s likely that actually, the people seeing your ad aren’t looking for your services just yet or even at all, leading to a low CTR, alternatively, very specific keywords, often referred to as ‘niche’, may have very low Search Volumes but very ‘hot’ intent – meaning they are in the market and actively looking to buy, these keywords might provide a very high CTR as well as conversion rate.

Don’t forget to review Jon’s other PPC articles to get your paid campaigns flying! Structuring your PPC campaigns and How does Google PPC work.

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