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May 29, 2019

As we enter the busy summer months, tradespeople across the country will once again have their heads down, spending countless hours out on-site, getting the job done – but is it sometimes worth taking a step back, away from the day to day? In this blog, we examine the value of taking time out, away from the tools, to attend trade shows and exhibitions.

Working too much?

Rain, wind or shine, there’s nothing that stops a tradesperson from getting out on-site. As an industry, we’ve built our reputation on this willingness to work no matter the elements. Such dedication is admirable, but is there an argument that taking a day off from earning you money – could earn you more money in the future? Can attending trade fairs and exhibitions benefit your business?

Network like a pro

Networking isn’t a skill that always comes naturally to those in the construction industry, but it’s still an important task. Thankfully, construction exhibitions and trade fairs can be the best place for those in the trade to begin. Such events have been designed exclusively for those in the sector and bring together building product brands, contractors, merchants and suppliers. Although often casual, some of these conversations could eventually lead to your firm securing higher-quality jobs, or finding more suitable methods of work.

Whether it’s finding the perfect partner for an upcoming build, or discovering a new approach to work on an existing project, there’s a lot to be gained in connecting with other members of the construction sector. Effective networking is one of the best tools in establishing your work within the industry and can help build your firm’s brand. What’s more, on a personal level becoming more recognisable within an industry only helps to boost your employability and can help you secure work more easily in the future.

Receive expert advice

Not only do trade fairs and exhibitions give you an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, but the shows often host informative seminars and presentations from industry experts. From getting advice on how to file tax returns on time, to understanding the importance of social media marketing, many of these talks have been tailored to advise tradespeople in areas they may struggle with. As such, not only can tradespeople leave with a better understanding of the industry around them, but often become more rounded business operators as result of attending an exhibition.

One event, which places a real emphasis on the importance of expert seminars and networking is UK Construction Week, which is held in Birmingham every October. Speaking on next year’s event, Nathan Garnett, Event Director commented: “At this year’s event, we will be offering marketing tips for SME’s, latest guidance on regulations, tips on how to prevent theft of both tools and vehicles, plus the chance to test out the latest power tools. If you want to save money and time, whilst networking with like-minded people then it’s the perfect event to attend. You can grab a beer at the Beer Festival, supported by Fix Radio and find people who could benefit your business.”

Find the best deal

Construction exhibitions aren’t only a great place to meet like-minded individuals, but the events often offer attendees an opportunity to get exclusive offers on building supplies and materials. Each year, suppliers and manufacturers bring extensive product collections with them to events knowing that there will be plenty of trade professionals on hand to purchase. What’s more, manufacturers will often choose trade exhibitions as the venue to launch exclusive new products. As such, tradespeople might find themselves hip to an innovative piece of technology before their local rivals, simply by attending an event.

Speaking about what can be gained from attending a construction exhibition, Colin Gale, Event Director for Professional Builder Live, Tool Fair, Elex and PlumbExpo commented: “Regardless of how busy they might be, tradespeople should never overlook the importance of attending industry exhibitions. Such events present attendees with an opportunity to learn more about the industry they work in, as well as helping them get ahead of the crowd when it comes to technological innovation and new products. I firmly believe that taking a day off the tools to attend a show is always a worthwhile investment and often leads to significant projects and developments.”

Although it may seem counterintuitive, taking a day off the tools to attend a trade exhibition can often help tradespeople grow their business and become more rounded professionals. Whether it be networking, or simply finding a better deal on tools, there’s something to be gained for everyone in the industry. What’s more, it’s a day off the tools for you and your staff to recuperate, refocus and re-energise. With so many great events happening over the summer, we’d recommend checking to see what’s happening near you, as you could be missing out.

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Photography credit: Toolfair 2019
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