Top tips for van livery

June 28, 2019

There are a number of ways to make your van more eye-catching and attract more business in the process. In this article, we detail our top tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your vehicle’s design.

Why make your van stand out?

• Helps to build credibility, making your business look trustworthy.
• Known to deter thieves and lower cheaper insurance premiums.
• Cost-effective way to advertise services.
• In busy cities, vans are seen by more than 3,000 customers an hour.

Keep it simple

When looking to design a wrap for your van it’s important to remember that its primary purpose is to appeal to customers. Of course, it’s great for the van to look good, but ultimately, it’s there to relay information to people who see it. Always look for a design that’s simple and highly visible. It’s essential to include all your key contact details within the wrap, including your company’s name.

tradesperson contacting customers in van

It’s important to recognise that the vast majority of people who see your van will do so whilst driving. That’s why it’s always best to format text in ways that are easily readable. This might include outlining the font, so it stands out more, or using primary colours that complement each other. We’d always recommended including a web address on your van’s design as opposed to a mobile number. Unfortunately, most people won’t remember a mobile number whilst driving and are unlikely to have a pen to hand to jot it down.

Skilled Tradespeople get your business started

Work within your budget

There are a number of ways to add branding to your van and the different options range in price. A full vehicle wrap is the most expensive option and is going to set tradespeople back around £1,600. Included in this price is the supply and install of a self-produced design on all four sides of your vehicle. An average full vehicle wrap will last around seven to eight years, so it’s a long-term investment, but there are also cheaper options. For those working on a budget, it’s probably best to install a car magnet, which is the ideal choice for businesses that want a quick and inexpensive way to brand their vehicles.

Bring in a designer

If looking to invest in a full vehicle wrap, it’s probably best to bring in a professional designer to help maximise your investment. Always provide the design professional with your contact details, logo and any brand colours you might work with. What’s more, it’s useful to let the designer know the make and model of your van, as well as your estimated budget. Sharing this information at the earliest design stage will allow the designer to tailor your design so that it’s perfect for you. In turn, this will lead to far fewer complications later down the line.

van livery opportunity on this van

Show off your Checkatrade membership

Whilst it’s important to include your company’s contact details, it’s also worth letting people know that you’re a Checkatrade member. We offer free vehicle vinyls that are available in various colours and sizes, which allow you to showcase your membership. Highlighting your Checkatrade membership helps to establish your brand and underlines that your company is easy to find online.

Adding livery to your van is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your services and will likely rank as one of the best investments you ever make in your business. Hopefully, after reading this blog you feel more confident in finding a design that works for you.

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