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Are you switched on to the digital shower trend?

August 27, 2019

It’s safe to say smart technology is everywhere. Our cars are getting smarter, as are our phones, our doorbells and even our central heating systems; but what about our showers? With the high-pressure digital shower market representing fastest paced growth sector in 2018 and the modern trend looking set to continue, are you and your business making the most of the digital shower revolution?

What is a digital shower?

Whilst digital showers work in a similar way to mixer showers, blending together the hot and cold-water supplies, they allow for far greater control and personalisation, as well as offering a host of other innovative features.

Commonly made up of three parts, digital showers include a digital mixer valve, user interface and shower fittings. The sleek user interface is fixed to the bathroom wall and the digital mixer valve can be stored up to 10 meters away, such as in the loft or hidden under the bath, allowing for a clutter-free look.

Why should you recommend them to customers?

In the modern-day world, customisation is key. In fact, a study by Deloitte concluded that more than 50% of consumers are particularly interested in products that they can tailor to their personal needs. With this and the rising trend of smart technology, it is no wonder that digital showers have revolutionised the bathroom and plumbing industry.

Digital showers allow users to easily customise the whole showering experience; including the ability to select and programme their optimum water temperature, and that of other family members too. Your customers would also have the freedom to control the shower from elsewhere in the bathroom, as well as being notified once the pre-programmed temperature has been reached.

In addition to the obvious luxury and convenience a digital shower has to offer, it is also well worthwhile considering the benefits it could bring from a safety point of view. For example, should your customer be a more vulnerable member of society, such as someone who is elderly, blind or a dementia sufferer, a digital shower could be the ideal solution. With minimal controls, ease of use and the ability for the optimum temperature to be pre-programmed by a carer or family member, digital showers could protect the user from accidentally scalding themselves. It will also automatically monitor the water temperature every few seconds and adjust accordingly if required, meaning the temperature won’t be affected should water be used elsewhere in the property.

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Installer benefits

So, we’ve discussed the great selling points for your customers, but what about the benefits for your business?

Typically ranging in price from around £400 all the way up to the top-spec model at approximately £1200, digital showers present a great opportunity to add another, more luxurious, dimension to your business and open up more product options for your customers. Despite common opinion, you may also be surprised to learn that digital showers are quick and easy to install, as, unlike traditional showers, no disruption to the structure of the bathroom is required. Capable of being fitted in as little as an hour, regardless of the existing system, digital showers can allow you time to fit more jobs into a day. So, next time you have a customer interested in giving their bathroom a face-lift, why not suggest that they upgrade and go digital?

Get clued up

Interested in learning more or perhaps even trying your hand at installing a digital shower for the first time? Well, you’re in luck, as there’s a whole host of free training courses available across the country, delivered by leading digital shower manufacturers, including Triton, Aqualisa and Mira.

Shower headset adjustment

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