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Keeping our members moving for less

July 2, 2019

Some tradespeople probably feel like they spend a lifetime stuck in the back of a van. They might not be far off, between driving them to jobs and scouring through them for tools, it’s the closest thing many of us have to a stable working location. In fact, recent research from the Federation of Master Builders found that over a career, the average builder spends an equivalent of two and a half years driving their box on wheels.

It’s all part of the fun of being a tradesperson, which like it or loathe it, is a profession that requires some serious mileage. That’s why at Checkatrade we’re proud to offer a number of exclusive savings to our members on new vehicles and fuel.

Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Van Deals

One of these deals is through our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Vans. Checkatrade members can get up to £6,800 in manufacturer support towards a new Mercedes-Benz van. This offer includes the ever-popular Sprinter (model year 2018, 314, FWD and RWD models), which is fitted with smart connectivity solutions and advanced safety systems designed to keep tradespeople one step ahead of their competition.

A number of our members have already taken advantage of this great deal, including some who operate courier and commercial fleet businesses. The offer has allowed these members to make serious savings across a number of vehicles. We spoke to Danny Fenwick of DTF Couriers Ltd (pictured below) about how his firm have benefited. In total, DTF Couriers have purchased nine Sprinter models from Mercedes, which equates to nearly £70,000 in discount! It’s a huge saving which the company is now able to reinvest elsewhere.

Checkatrade member posing with new Mercedes Sprinter

Speaking on the discount, Danny commented: “It’s huge, we normally update our fleet every two-and-a-half years, but the manufacturer support convinced me to do it earlier. The lifeblood of any courier service is its vans. As such, it’s an area of the business you simply can’t afford to skimp on. These savings have helped me to not only update my fleet with top of the line models but has made the process far less expensive than usual.”

It’s not only commercial fleet operators who have benefited from the offer. A number of smaller firms have also saved money on brand-new vans. One such firm is Build On Ltd, led by Jonathon Bilton. The company saved £6,800 on the purchase of a Mercedes Sprinter through its Checkatrade membership. Jonathon was already in the market for a new van and once he found out about Checkatrade’s offer, there was little doubt that this was the solution for him. Now he’s got the perfect van for his business’ needs and he’s made a saving that’s equivalent to a year’s supply of fuel.

Speaking on the deal, Jonathon told us: “I’d been in the market for a couple of months and the Sprinter van was the model I had my eye on. Everyone knows how great Mercedes passenger vehicles are and in my experience, the company’s range of vans are just as excellent. It’s great that I’ve been able to make such a significant upgrade for much less money than I thought. There’s a lot of reasons to be a Checkatrade member, but this discount really stuck!”

Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group Offers

If Mercedes isn’t your bag, then you shouldn’t fret, our offers also extend to a number of other vehicle suppliers. We’re proud to offer our members savings across all Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) brands. This includes passenger vehicles from Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep and Abarth. The deal also includes savings of up to 46.5 per cent on the Fiat Professional range of commercial vans.

There are a number of models to choose from, but one of the most popular included our deal is the impressive range of Fiat Ducato Vans. The model has been a mainstay on British roads for over 35 years and is highly customisable, in fact, there are over 10,000 versions to choose from. This means that whatever your business objectives might be, there’s likely to be a model that’s perfect you.

Save on your next van purchase with Checkatrade

Fuel Savings

Of course, getting a vehicle on the road is only part of the cost of being a trader. Together with the leading fuel card provider Wex Europe Services and Esso, we have negotiated highly competitive fuel pricing which allows our members to save an average of 5p a litre off the standard pump price.

The fuel card – which is free for Checkatrade members – has made a huge difference to Bits Bobs & Odd Jobs Ltd, a multi-trade firm from London. The firm’s owner Chris Gilbey commented: “We’re no longer at the whim of price volatility, which can be particularly problematic in the fuel market. Now we get a set price through every week, which is always cheaper than what’s on offer elsewhere.”

Another firm to take advantage of this benefit is Phoenix Electrical & Plumbing Services Ltd. For Managing Director Daniel Hopkins, the offer’s big appeal wasn’t just the savings made at the pump, but the administrative benefits.

Daniel commented: “As a company we operate a fleet of seven vans, so it made sense to issue all our drivers with a card. Of course, it’s always nice to save money and I’m glad the card offers a discount on fuel, but the big thing for us is the admin side. Expenses and VAT returns have been made so much easier now that drivers don’t need to pay at the point of purchase, we’re saving a lot of time.”

Savings for all

The best part about all these offers is that they’re available to all our members, regardless of size, status, or how long they’ve been with Checkatrade. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t require members to upgrade their account to access our very best offers. It’s all part of our commitment to make the lives of all our members easier and to help them save money wherever possible.

If you would like to find out more about how Checkatrade can save you money, as well as develop your business, please visit our Membership Overview.

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