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What do you need to become Checkatrade approved and guaranteed?

Becoming an approved and guaranteed Checkatrade member comes with a whole host of benefits, but the biggest has to be gaining our seal of approval. You can then demonstrate your great reputation - and win more business. Here’s what Checkatrade checks.

Not just anyone can join Checkatrade. All our members undertake 12 rigorous checks before they get our seal of approval – that’s why homeowners trust the Checkatrade tick so much!

Why are our checks so rigorous?

Checkatrade is the number 1 trade directory in the UK. That’s because homeowners trust tradespeople with the Checkatrade tick next to their name. It’s a sign that you’ve been checked and approved by us.

In fact, 8 out of 10 people would choose a trade endorsed by Checkatrade compared to one that isn’t endorsed.*

Why should I become a Checkatrade approved and guaranteed tradesperson?

The tick…

  • Gives you the platform to build your online reputation.
  • Increases your business’s trust with homeowners.
  • Gives you our seal of approval.
  • Helps you to win more business.
  • Gives you exclusive access to trade deals.

Not only that, but we trust our members enough to guarantee their work for up to 12 months (T&Cs apply). That’s right, once you’re Checkatrade approved and guaranteed, you’ll know we’ve got your back.

Taking the test to see if you cut the mustard

If you’re a top tradesperson, then becoming an approved Checkatrade member will be easy for you.

It’s worth knowing that once you join us, we’ll be checking in regularly on your reviews. We do this to make sure that you’re doing a great job, meeting the Checkatrade standards, and that the reviews on your profile are genuine. Authentic reviews are just one of the ways that we build homeowner confidence in choosing reputable tradespeople to work with.

If you’re about to request to join us, then here’s what you will need to keep handy.

What you need for your Checkatrade checks

Here are the things we’ll check and what you need:

  1. Identification. Have a photo ID handy so we can verify who you are.
  2. Proof of address. We’ll need to see evidence of your trading address.
  3. Qualifications. You’ll need to show us proof of any regulated accreditations.
  4. Open-source check. We’ll search for any adverse media on you or your business.
  5. Personal CCJ check. We’ll make sure you don’t have any personal county court judgments.
  6. Business CCJ check. And we’ll make sure you don’t have any business county court judgments either.
  7. Company history. We’ll want to see proof of good trading history.
  8. Financial checks. We’ll carry out a bankruptcy and insolvency check.
  9. Duplicate check. We’ll make sure you don’t match any previously declined, suspended or expelled trades.
  10. PLI. You’ll need to show us that you have valid public liability insurance.
  11. Director search. We’ll check your company for previous directorships or disqualifications.
  12. Customer experience check. We check your reviews on third-party websites.


Our famous 12 checks are designed to make sure all our members uphold our high standards.

Should you pass our checks, that’s not the end of it. We’ll be watching you to make sure you uphold our high standards throughout your membership!

If you succeed in passing our checks

We vet and monitor all our members on an ongoing basis to make sure that you continue to comply with our standards. That means we’ll need to see ongoing proof of qualifications and PLI. And you’ll need to keep us up-to-date if there are any changes to your business – whether that’s a change of address or change of ownership.

We also check all the reviews our members receive to make sure they’re genuine. We do this by asking customers to verify their reviews by SMS or phone call, and then monitor all the reviews with analytics technology.

Interested in earning the Checkatrade seal of approval?

Find out more

The Checkatrade Standard

As well as passing our in-depth checks, you’ll need to agree to uphold the Checkatrade Standard before you earn our famous tick.

The Checkatrade Standard is made up of six commitments that help us ensure our members are a cut above the rest.

1. Deliver a high quality of workmanship

This includes making sure every job meets the pre-agreed specification and that you use materials that will last in line with customers’ expectations.

2. Maintain high standards of personal conduct

For example, we expect Checkatrade members to be polite and courteous, respecting customers’ homes and being considerate of their privacy.

3. Work safely, ethically and within your skill set

In other words, you’ll need to comply with the latest health and safety regulations, work in a way that doesn’t damage the environment and keep customers’ homes safe while each job is being carried out.

4. Communicate clearly and honestly

You’ll need to communicate with customers in a timely and professional manner and provide honest guidance when it comes to details like job lengths, start dates and costs.

5. Agree costs and contract terms upfront

Our members agree to be upfront about the cost of jobs before they take place. We ask you to agree prices in writing and not take final payment until the job is complete.

6. Encourage and welcome customer reviews

We expect our members to ask every customer for a review once a job is complete. However, you should never falsify reviews or pressure customers into leaving them.

Want to become Checkatrade approved and guaranteed?

As you can see, becoming a Checkatrade approved and guaranteed member means keeping in line with the strict standards for work and conduct. If you’re not upholding our standards, you could have your membership suspended or terminated.

It’s also the careful checks and high standards that make a Checkatrade membership so valuable, keeping you accountable for what you do.

Not everyone can become a Checkatrade approved and guaranteed member. Checkatrade kicked off around 1.5k trades from Checkatrade in the past year due to them failing vetting or not meeting our standards.

Gaining the Checkatrade seal of approval means showing potential customers that you are a cut above the rest.

Ready to get started? Just sign up today to start our 12 famous checks and kick off your journey to earning that all-important Checkatrade tick!

Interested in earning the Checkatrade seal of approval?

Find out more

*Claims are sourced from a survey conducted by Deep Blue Thinking on a nationally representative UK sample in November 2021.

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