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What homeowners want in November – Trade business insights

As the clocks go back and we wind up the autumn months, what jobs will homeowners be looking for? We take a look at our historical search data to help predict which trades and what projects could be in high demand during November.

Using our search data to benefit your business

If you knew that your services were about to be in high demand, you’d do your best to position your business prominently to secure as much work as possible.

Each month, we take a look at our business insight data to identify trends in homeowner searches for comparable months over previous years.

In doing so, we aim to predict which trades and projects homeowners could be looking for this November, helping you to plan your marketing and resourcing to make the most of the demand.

Data from the #1 trade directory

Checkatrade is the website homeowners turn to when they need a trusted tradesperson. It’s the most well-known sign of quality in the trade industry*

We therefore receive huge volumes of traffic every day, from homeowners looking for tradespeople like you. And it’s this data that helps to provide this very useful insight.

But not only that, we share our top tips for cashing in on these predictions.

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Which trades could see an increase in demand in November?

So what do the people want? Which trades could see an increase in demand from homeowners during November? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

What Homeowners Want November

Based on average search data from homeowners on the Checkatrade website between October and November in previous years, we predict the following trades could be in for a busier spell during November ’22:

  • Loft & roof insulation – 10.8k monthly searches**
  • Cavity wall insulation – 7.3k monthly searches (up 17%)**
  • Roofer – chimneys – 6.2k monthly searches (up 13%)**
  • Electrician – electric cookers – 4k monthly searches (up 15%)** 

Note: these are average searches during the month of November over the past few years.

If your business provides any of the services listed above, read on to find out how our flexible membership can help you to take advantage of this predicted increased demand.

Checkatrade members, you have the advantage to benefit from the demand

Here’s your chance to get your profile seen more by more customers by flexing up your membership.

Head over to your member’s area, log in, and go to ‘membership‘. You’ll be able to flex up or discuss flexing up your membership to hit the demand for your services with one of our advisors.

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What projects might homeowners want in November?

Our search data has shown that, in previous years, insulation installers and roofers have been popular during November as homeowners focus on the structural integrity and warmth of their homes.

But what projects, in particular, could homeowners be looking for this November?

Draught proofing – up 116%***

What homeowners want in November - quality glazing installation

Quite possibly the largest increase in search volume month-on-month that we’ve seen since we started these business insight posts back in the spring.

A 116% increase in homeowner search for draught proofing presents a massive opportunity for trades specialising in windows, doors, and conservatories to help homeowners create a warmer, and more energy-efficient, home.

If this is your trade, here’s what you need to do.

1. Not yet a Checkatrade member?

What are you waiting for? This data has come from our website. That’s where the homeowners are – looking for your services.

If you’re not yet a member, join us to benefit from this predicted increased demand. Start our checks to become an Approved Checkatrade member now.

2. Already a Checkatrade member?

3. Want more work during November?

As an Approved member, you can use our flexible membership option to flex your membership up when you want a greater volume of leads and back down again when you’ve filled your diary (or for however long you need).

Flexible membership has arrived!

Cavity wall insulation – up 17%***

It’s no surprise that homeowners’ attention turns to the drop in temperature and the best way to maintain a warm home at this time of year.

As a really cost-effective method of insulating the home, we predict homeowner search for cavity wall insulation to skyrocket during autumn/winter 2022.

If you’re a cavity wall insulation specialist, help secure more work for your business by signing up to the tick that homeowners trust.

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Electric cookers – up 15% and electric heating – up 14%***

Electrician servicing an electric cooker

It looks like electricians could be facing more demand for their services in November, in particular for electric ovens and electric heating.

If you offer these services, make sure homeowners can find your profile easily on the Checkatrade website, and that your page describes your services accurately. Not sure how to do that? Check out the handy links below.

Chimneys – up 13%***

What homeowners want in November - roofing firm checking integrity of chimney

During September and October, we saw a predicted increase in homeowner searches for chimney sweeps.

It would seem that bringing the chimney into sharp focus helped homeowners to take a closer look at the integrity of the chimney stack itself.

Homeowner search for roofers who can repoint or repair chimney stacks increased by 13% month-on-month in previous years.

If this is your trade, make sure homeowners know how to find you, and make it easy for them to choose you.

8 out of 10 people would choose a trade endorsed by Checkatrade compared to one that isn’t**** Start our checks and join us.

Are your services about to be in demand?

Don't miss out! Take on the Checkatrade checks to create your online profile

About joining us

Use our demand data to your competitive advantage

We’ve dug through the historical data to identify which trades and projects could see an uplift in demand during November. It’s now over to you to make it work to your advantage.

*Claims are sourced from a survey conducted by Deep Blue Thinking on a nationally representative UK sample in November 2021

**Average search data for trade categories on checkatrade.com in the month of November 2020 and 2021

***Increase in average searches in the month of 2021 vs October 2020 & 2021 on Google as estimated by SEO tools

****Claims are sourced from a survey conducted by Deep Blue Thinking on a nationally representative UK sample in November 2021

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