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What homeowners want in June – Trade business insights

Want to know what homeowners are thinking? What trades and projects are likely to see an increase in demand in June? You've struck gold with this post. We'll not only share our business insight data with you, but we'll show you how to use it to your advantage too.

How demand data can benefit your trades business

This article is part of a brand new series of blog posts that use historical data to help tradespeople predict homeowner demand each month.

The data we’re about to share with you allows you to forecast the demand you could see for your trades business during the month of June.

Forecasting allows you to plan ahead and prepare for the resourcing you’ll need in order to satisfy demand.

Data from the #1 trade directory

The data is based on homeowner searches on the Checkatrade website during the past couple of years. So the figures are an average for the month.

While the data won’t be identical year-on-year, it gives a strong indication of the trends we can expect to see throughout 2022.

As the saying goes, with knowledge comes great power. Keep reading to learn exactly how to use this knowledge to your advantage through the power of our flexible membership option alongside a range of simple tips to cash in on this data.

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Which trades could see an uplift in homeowner demand in June

Drumroll, let’s have it. Who’s going to be rushed off their feet during June?

What homeowners want in June

Based on data from homeowner searches on the Checkatrade website between May ’20 & ’21 and June ’20 & ’21, we predict the following trades could experience an increase in demand for their services in June ’22.

  • Carpenter – 30.5k monthly searches*
  • TV aerials/satellite services – 5.6k monthly searches*
  • Painter/decorator – 4.8k monthly searches*
  • Curtains/blinds/shutter services – 2.1k searches*
  • Upholstery service – 1.2k searches*

Note: These are average searches in the month of June for the past couple of years.

While there’s no guarantee we’ll see the same or similar data this year, we can guarantee that using data to make future predictions is wholly more reliable than using a crystal ball.

Keep reading to learn how to cash in on this predicted increase in homeowner demand during June with our new flexible membership option.

What projects do homeowners look for in June

We know which trades are likely to be busier in June, but what type of work might they be called upon for?

Again, dipping into our vast bank of business insight data, we can reveal the following projects saw an increase in demand (%) month-on-month between May and June.

Upholstery repair – up 43%**

Many homeowners see spring/summer as the ideal opportunity to spruce up their interior, which includes some TLC for upholstery too.

Another reason why furniture repair and restoration is becoming more popular is due to the ‘green’ benefits. Breathing new life into existing pieces is much more environmentally friendly than sending worn items to landfill.

Wallpapering – up 36%**

Late spring and early summer are some of the best times of year to sell a property, so it’s no coincidence there’s an increase in demand for homeowners searching for painters/decorators to help smarten the place up a bit.

And for homeowners not on the move, the bright sunlight at this time of year brings everything into sharp focus, highlighting the areas that could do with a bit of attention.

In last month’s business insights post, we wrote about the increased demand for extensions and conversions. With open-plan living still very much a preference for homeowners, wallpaper is a great way to easily define spaces within this style of home.

Window locks – up 27%**

Home security is always going to be hot on the agenda for homeowners, but the increase in demand at this time of year suggests to us that homeowners want to tackle that window lock in need of repair now the weather is warming up.

And with summer holidays planned, homeowners are searching for your services to make sure their property is fully secure before they go away.

TV repair – up 23%**

What homeowner are looking for in June - TV aerials company

It’s the time of year for more family and social occasions at home – perhaps even gathering for major sporting events, so the TV needs to be in good working order.

The demand for TV repair rose by 23% month-on-month between May and June, which is encouraging for both TV aerial/satellite services and the environment!

Awnings and garden canopies – up 10%**

With the sunnier months starting, homeowners are searching for awnings and canopies to help shield them from overbearing sunlight.

If you own an awning or garden canopy business, now’s the time to ramp up your marketing to maximise the increase in homeowner demand.

Are your services in demand?

To get a piece of the pie, you'll need to pass our checks

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Tips for using demand data to your advantage

Whether you’re a Checkatrade member or not, we have plenty of tips for making the most of this demand data.

The most important thing is to act now. There’s a good chance there’s customer demand for your services, so now’s the time to position your business front and centre.

Already a Checkatrade member?

1. Put your best foot forward

We covered this in last month’s post, but to reiterate, the increase in demand for your services means more people could be checking out your Checkatrade profile, your business website, and your social media platforms. Therefore you want to make sure they’re looking their best.

2. Flex your membership

Here’s the best bit. Your profile is looking sharp and you’re ready to take full advantage of the increase in customer demand for your services.

So how can you guarantee your business a generous slice of the pie?

  • Flexible membership. If you’re a member and you didn’t hear about this, don’t worry, it’s available to you. You can flex your Checkatrade membership to meet the needs of your business.
  • It puts you in control of the volume of leads you receive, giving you the power to ramp it up when you want more work and dial it down if you’re swamped.

Don’t miss out. Take a look at our guide to flexible Checkatrade membership now.

Not yet a Checkatrade member?

If you’re not yet a Checkatrade member, don’t panic, you can find out more by hitting the button below. Once you’ve completed our checks and joined as an Approved member, you can flex your membership to suit your needs.

*Average search data for trade categories on checkatrade.com in the month of June 2020 and 2021
**Increase in average searches in the month of June 2020 & 2021 vs May 2020 & 2021 on Google as estimated by SEO tools

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