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A car is one of the most valuable things most people own, so finding a good quality, trustworthy mechanic to carry out auto repairs is incredibly important. Checkatrade has thousands of mechanics listed, with countless reviews to help you find a mechanic you can trust in your local area.

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  • What does a mechanic do?

    Mechanics carry out repairs and maintenance on vehicles. Some mechanics specialise in a specific vehicle manufacturers, or they may specialise in cars, motorbikes or buses, for example. Mechanics will diagnose issues with cars, and perform repairs or replace faulty parts.

    Common jobs mechanics will carry out include:

    • Clutch replacement
    • Catalytic converter replacement
    • Spark plug replacement
    • Battery replacement
    • Brake pad replacement or brake repairs
    • Water pump replacement

    And other general car repair tasks.

  • How do you find a mechanic you can trust?

    Aside from checking out their profile on Checkatrade, there are a few ways you can ensure you’re finding a trustworthy mechanic. A reliable mechanic will be easy to contact, and will communicate throughout the time they are working on your car. If you struggle to get hold of a mechanic when you’re making enquiries, communication likely won’t improve when they have your car, which can be frustrating.

    Most mechanics will be able to give free quotes once they’ve inspected your vehicle. Make sure you get this in writing, so there’s no room for dispute if this changes when you collect it (be aware that unforeseen circumstances may cause the price to increase, but a good mechanic should always make you aware of this before proceeding).

    Before a mechanic can join Checkatrade, we personally speak to a number of their previous customers to check that they provide excellent quality service. All of our members are then rated against their reliability and timekeeping, tidiness, courtesy and more by other customers, so you can browse reviews to find the perfect fit.

  • What questions should you ask a mechanic?

    How much experience do you have?

    It’s important to make sure your chosen mechanic has a satisfactory level of experience for the work required. Newly established garages aren’t necessarily ones to avoid, but make sure the mechanic who will be carrying out the work has sufficient experience with similar work.

    Do you offer a guarantee or warranty of any kind?

    To avoid any disputes if anything goes wrong after the work has been completed, make sure you’re completely clear on any guarantee or warranty the garage offers. Some will offer guarantees on parts only, or labour only, whereas others will cover both.

    If replacement parts are required, what parts will you use?

    Mechanics can source parts from different places, and of different qualities. While some will use new, manufacturer approved parts, others will use used or after-market. You may even be able to source your own parts if you prefer. Be aware that while quality may differ, so will the price, so you will need to strike a balance depending on your requirements.

    Do you offer free estimates?

    Sometimes, some kinds of inspections before work commences will be charged for, especially if in-depth investigative work needs to be done. Asking whether the estimate will be free before you start to get quotes will make sure you avoid any nasty surprises.

    Do estimates include the price of parts?

    Especially where an estimate is considerably lower than others you’ve received, make sure it includes the price of parts. If it doesn’t, make sure you check that they can source the parts, what kind of parts they will use and how much they will cost (or ask if you can provide your own parts, if you want to).

    Can you provide a courtesy car?

    If your car is likely to be with the mechanic for an extended period, you’ll likely need a replacement in the interim. Checking that there’s a courtesy car available ahead of time and making sure it will be available for you when you deliver your car will ensure you can still get around!

    When will I need to pay?

    Some mechanics will require full payment on collection of the vehicle, where others offer longer payment terms. Make sure you know when you need to have paid so you don’t find yourself having an awkward conversation when you want to take your car home!

  • What qualifications should a mechanic have?

    There are two main routes people could take to becoming a mechanic; either a college course or an apprenticeship.

    If your mechanic has completed a college course they will hold a qualification such as Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair or a Level 3 Diploma in Vehicle Technology. Mechanics who’ve completed apprenticeships can hold either and Intermediate or Advanced level apprenticeship in Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician.

    You can view a full list of the qualifications and accreditations a mechanic has on their Checkatrade profile, along with all their contact details so you can get a quotes as soon as possible.

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