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P B Home Solutions

Seaton, Devon
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Skills & expertise

  • Bathrooms
    • Bathroom Cladding
    • Bathroom Designer
    • Bathroom Fitter
    • Bathroom Showroom
    • Bathroom Supplier
    • Disabled Bathrooms / Showers
    • Emergency Bathroom Service
    • Mastic Sealant
    • Wet Rooms
  • Bedrooms
    • Bedroom Planner / Designer
    • Bedroom Showroom
    • Bedroom Supplier / Installer
    • Fitted Wardrobes
    • Home Offices
    • Wardrobe Sliding Doors
  • Kitchens
    • Acrylic Worktops
    • Bespoke Kitchens
    • Disabled Kitchens
    • Emergency Kitchen Service
    • Glass Worktops
    • Granite Worktops
    • Kitchen Appliance Supplier
    • Kitchen Designers
    • Kitchen Doors
    • Kitchen Fitters
    • Kitchen Refurbishments
    • Kitchen Showroom
    • Kitchen Supplier
    • Laminate Worktops
    • Marble Worktops
    • Painting Kitchen Cabinets
    • Quartz Worktops
    • Replacement Doors and Drawers
    • Solid Wood Worktops
    • Stainless Steel Worktops
    • Worktops

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