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Smith Damp Proofing Ltd

Mr Jake Smith

Church Hill Road, Barnet
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Skills & expertise

  • Damp Proofer

Skills & expertise

  • Damp Proofer

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Smith Damp Proofing is a family run business with over 70 years experience in the damp proofing industry. With brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles working within this growing company its more like a family than a business. The goal of Smith Damp Proofing was to create a company where clients can have absolute trust in our work and employees to change the stereotype of the general tradesman and to bring professionalism and pride of work into the company.

Over the last 20 years the owner of the company worked for many damp proofing companies and organisations, and realised the same thing, clients were not happy that things were not explained to them properly. They didn’t understand why they had damp,they weren’t told a break down of costs and most companies although completing the work on time and to a suitable standard the cleaning and dusting was always a problem.  With this in mind the owner of the company set out to create Smith Damp Proofing Ltd . He knew that  being able to explain the diagnosis in front of the client and be able to explain exactly everything that will need to be done then hopefully that way the customer would be able to trust in the company. (for this main reason we only have highly skilled tradesmen  who have actually been damp-proofers to go  to price jobs and not salesmen).The next step was the pricing, to be able to price a job to make sure the company makes money and also to make sure that it was fair to the clients. Now at Smith Damp Proofing when you receive a quote, firstly it is a quote that means that the price will not change ,secondly you receive a brochure of the damp problem your property has which has been designed and written by the director ,this will include reasons for the problem and also how Smith Damp Proofing can resolve the problem with a step by step guide to the job with pictures and explanations that is a lot more easier to understand than a 20 page folder with half of the words and terms used most people wouldn’t know. Thirdly with the quote you will receive a diagram with a key showing the areas of work and what will need doing on those areas . And last a quote which will be broken down into a itemised list which will show how much the materials will cost individually and how much labour will cost per day or per meter. By doing this we can show Exactly how much things cost and to show we haven’t just pulled a figure out the sky. And by doing this we can show that our pricing is fair for both parties.

Once agreed we will then send a contract with the agreed start and finish date.  This will also explain the payment structure so all parties are clear from the start of how and when they will need to pay. Customers also receive a Smith Damp Proofing checklist to go though to make sure the customer is happy with all aspects of the job before the final instalment. By doing this the customer can relax knowing the job is being done by professionals.

When starting the work our teams are normally a one or two man team depending on the size of the job. They will arrive at the property at 8:30am. In some cases our teams can arrive earlier or later depending upon the clients instruction.



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