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Soundproof Solutions Ltd

Mr Piotr Kalenik

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Skills & expertise

  • Insulation
  • Builder

Skills & expertise

  • Insulation
  • Builder

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London Soundproofing (floors, ceilings) Systems

The modern – industrial civilization overwhelms us with all sorts of noises. Cars, traffic, aircraft, barking dogs, music, tv –  big city life surely is a loud one, and that’s ok, as long as you can go home after a long day, rest and relax in peace and quite. If you look for a way to soundproof your home, we may have just a thing for you – soundproof solutions anyone can afford!  It’s easy and totally not expensive. Give us a call!  We are happy to take care of everything for you – walls, floors and ceilings. Forget about noisy neighbors, traffic and all sorts of different noises. It’s easy with our London soundproofing solutions! We’ve been around for over 10 years, serving both commercial and residential London customers – we’ve worked in all sorts of houses, apartments, offices, restaurants and studios. Don’t hesitate – London soundproofing at affordable prices!

Soundproof London Experts

What sets us apart from other Soundproof London companies? We give you a warranty of our services, we use only quality materials, and we pride ourselves on a total price transparency. Soundproof solutions are about making installations in your home, and that’s why it is best to stick with the experienced professionals. Soundproof Solutions for commercial customers? Why not! Over the years we’ve helped numerous companies to achieve the desired effects. Our installations are suitable for restaurants, recording and broadcast studios, office spaces, sanctuaries, museums, theaters, libraries, conference rooms and more!

Affordable Soundproof Solutions

Learn more about our affordable soundproof solutions from our friendly soundproof London experts. Our solutions are complex and effective. We give you a warranty of our services. Prepare yourself for a 70% noise reduction! How is that possible? We use only the best materials, combined with a modern technology and a vast experience of our Soundproof London experts. Our installations contains materials such as RS60 rock wool, barrier mats, sound planks, mineral wools, acoustic membranes, batons and more! Your home is your temple. When it comes to London soundproofing solutions – we’re the men for a job!


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