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Every supplier and installer of windows, doors or conservatories will promise you personal service and quality installation. And in fairness the majority of them will deliver just that, so we're not going to try to frighten you with the horror stories that result from the few bad apples. And of course we'll promise you the same things; you wouldn't expect any less. But we believe you should expect more. You should be looking for those little but important extras that prove you're making the right choice. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, because to us a satisfied customer isn't enough. It's the delighted ones who recommend us to their friends, and that's the primary route to our success.
But don't take our word for it. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us.
We've already mentioned pride, and it's an important word in our vocabulary, we're proud of our name and reputation. It's taken two decades to build, and it's not something we're willing to risk. We're here to bring you first-class products, installed with care and pride. And we're here to stay to make sure we're always there for you should you need us.
When we made the decision to start a company installing windows, doors and conservatories in Stoke on Trent we knew we weren't choosing the easy option. We'd be the first to admit that it's a competitive marketplace, and one that's come through some difficult times since then. The number of companies that have failed as a result bears testament to the impact of years of recession. But in the midst of that gloomy atmosphere we've kept going - and growing. It's not always been easy, but we stuck to our guns, confident that quality, good workmanship and plain simple decency would see us through. And it turns out we were right. Thanks to a loyal customer base who are kind enough to recommend us to their friends we've built a sound, dependable business - which is as important to our customers as it is to us.And do you know what? We still love what we do. We're a tightly-knit bunch, run on family values. We stick to our own team of installers rather than contract out, because that way we know we can guarantee that our standards will be maintained - and what's more we get to work with people we like.While we've grown consistently through the years, we've taken care not to get too big for our boots. We've no desire to be the biggest (especially if it means we have to dress absurdly and shout at people on television!) and we're not about to employ high-pressure salesmen to upset the very people we depend upon for our success.
The bathroom is one of very few rooms in your house where you can really get creative. Maybe you want a sleek, ultra-modern look with minimalist lines and stark primary colours. Or perhaps you want a traditional look that blends with the feel of an older property. Then again, you could be bold and go for a dramatic blend of styles like the installation above.

Choosing a new bathroom is genuinely a pleasure to be savoured. All those beautiful designs to choose from, and this is one room in the house where you can really let your creativity fly. Don't worry about the technicalities - we'll provide the advice and expertise to make sure that your ideas work as you want and deliver that luxurious experience you're looking forward to.
Your guest cloakroom is an important showpiece. Small or expansive, it deserves the attention to detail we bring to all of our installations. Whatever the space, we'll help you get the best from it and make a room you'll be proud to show to your guests.
Don't forget that the Tailormade service takes in every part of the job, from planning and removal of the old suite, right through to decorating and adding those vital finishing touches.
We have lots of experience in installing safe, convenient bathrooms for users with limited mobility. This is an area where planning is vital to take into account how doors open, wheelchair turning space and a hundred other factors.
Whether it's a functional but attractive facility for a local authority or housing association or a beautiful, striking bathroom design for an individual customer, every installation receives the same attention to safety, compliance and, above all, enjoyable convenience for the user.
Every bathroom we install is different. Every one of them is Tailormade. Big enough, but no bigger. It's a philosophy that works for us and our customers.


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